Find out how healthy your sexual relationship is with these 5 signs. Find out how healthy your sexual relationship is with these 5 signs.


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Sexual relationships are necessary for healthy bonding. Sometimes the relationship between partners is close, but not healthy. Just as functions such as eating and drinking are required, sex is considered a job. It handles it somehow. You can also spot many signs of healthy sex in your relationship, which is the hallmark of a healthy sexual relationship.

Fit hain toh hit hai

Research published in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research shows that body size is the biggest barrier to sexual satisfaction. This is not possible due to belly fat. Partners cannot tell each other about this. This most likely leads to an unhealthy sexual relationship. In addition, the use of condoms can also enhance bonding. Therefore, there is no risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. For sexual relationships to be healthy, all forms of coercion, sexual assault and violence must be avoided.

Here are 5 signs you’re having a healthy sexual relationship

1 Not afraid or hesitant to ask

According to the International Journal of Sexual Health, not everyone can read another person’s mind. If you want to know something about your relationship or want to ask your partner, then don’t hesitate. It is very important that a partner is open to learning and responding to anything. If you find it difficult to talk about your sexual needs, then you need to pay attention to your relationship. In a healthy sexual relationship, there should be no room for fear or hesitation.

2 Program gender

According to the Journal of Sexual Mental Health, most people think that desire for sex is natural. This is not always necessary. This does not happen when participating in upgrades. Sex becomes a secondary need because of the workload. This requires scheduling. Must take out on special days or occasions. If you and your partner schedule sex between duties, it means your sexual relationship is healthy.

3 does not count

According to the International Journal of Sexual Health, you may be content with having sex on a weekly or even monthly basis. Research shows that if you do it just for the calculations or when you’re under pressure, it’s not healthy. Focusing on numbers is bad for your sex life.

If you’re doing the job just for counting or stress, it’s not healthy.Image: Shutterstock

By forcing yourself to have more sex, it reduces satisfaction.Occurs when traveling to a new place or on a date night Sex can be more pleasurable.

4 Take care of your mind

Sometimes, though not, the mind gets involved in the activity, according to research published in the Journal of Sexual Mental Health. Behind this, it was because the other party felt pity for him. It is wrong to reject a partner. But it is wrong for a woman to have sex out of pity. For this, both parties need to be mentally respect and love There are signs of strengthening sexual relations.

5 unity

According to the Journal of Sexual and Reproductive Health, the two fought and argued frequently, but remained in bed. If there is such a relationship between someone, then the sign is not correct. For a healthy sexual relationship, being happy with each other is necessary.

For a healthy sexual relationship, being happy with each other is necessary.Image: Shutterstock

Research shows that relationship satisfaction increases attractiveness. Paves the way for a better sex life. Therefore, if both partners enjoy each other’s company, it means that sex is healthy.

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