The Wave Tool Review: This Low-Tech Massager Relieves Stubborn Knots


As January grows darker, I’ve rest and recovery on the brain – so tell you about Wave Toolmy favorite little massage tool for patting, untangling pesky knots, and getting some relief into my tired muscles.

How the Wave Tool Works

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Designed by Colorado-based physical therapists Wave Tool Therapy, the Wave Tool’s handheld body features nine different massage surfaces, producing a variety of sensations in the name of athletic recovery. It’s designed for professional athletes and everyday exercisers, and you can use it for Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM).it’s a practice physical therapy That small Learn Advice can help improve range of motion, relieve muscle tension, and provide myofascial release (As previously reported by SELF, this happens when your fascial layer relaxes and becomes more pliable due to applied pressure, such as when you self-massage or foam roller). Disclaimer: more research needed In IASTM itself, however, in general, massage Sore muscles are a great way to boost blood flow to the area, aiding recovery.

Now, let’s get down to the details: There are edges that act as muscle scrapers to cut through tight scar tissue. There’s a trigger point knob and gua sha style spoon for precise kneading. And, as a fully manual massager, the Wave Tool leaves the intensity of the massage up to you—one of my favorite things about it. The brand calls it “the ultimate soft-tissue release tool,” and self-aggrandizement aside, it still feels fitting because the thing is so versatile.

Why I Love the Waveform Tool

As a climber, yoga enthusiast, and generally active person, I get soreness – seriously!My forearms, fingers, neck, and shoulders are especially prone to tightness, pain, and fatigue, and I’ve been having trouble getting these areas to relax massage gun or foam rolling. So when my boyfriend (a climber and a pain sufferer) decided to buy a Wave Tool for the family, I was hooked right away. It looks more like a cool paperweight than any kind of complicated massager, which makes it less daunting to test. I can gently pull on the edge of my sensitive forearm, press a knob into the tendon of my finger, or slowly work the kink in my trapezius—all at my own pace and at my preferred pressure level.

The longer I use Wave Tool, the more I find it useful: not only does it work really well for the problem areas I mentioned, but it’s also a great crawler tool for my IT band, if I feel brave, my perpetually tense calves. It’s a true multipurpose product, which makes it all the more impressive that I can take it anywhere.It hardly takes up any space on me Backpackand without the bunch of accessories and chargers I need to carry around.

In a world of high-tech massagers that hum, pulse, pound, and generally treat you like a pile of overworked dough (hey, I guess that’s a fitting time and place), the Wave Tool is a delightfully approachable — yet precise — change of pace. If your recovery routine could use a little analog oomph, I highly recommend this clever all-in-one scraper, kneader, and massager.



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