25 Health Resolutions That Have Nothing to Do With Dieting or Weight Loss


I know the New Year’s resolutions are somewhat controversial, but overall, I’m a fan. I like to take a moment to think about what you want out of life right now—and what is no longer serving you—and take meaningful action to achieve it. On the other hand, determination has become synonymous with “health” and “fitness” has become synonymous with dieting and weight loss, and it frustrates me immensely.

This pissed me off for a number of reasons: Because health and weight aren’t as intertwined as you might think, because Weight loss diets rarely workdue to mental health loss Food Culture Too often overlooked in these conversations…the list goes on. But in a broader sense, there are ways to take care of your health that really have nothing to do with your weight or how often you hit the gym. If being healthier is really important to you, why not try one of these?

With that in mind, I spoke to SELF writers and editors, and we came up with a list of resolutions we believe can actually make sense, based on our years of experience as health journalists and our own personal goals for 2023 Realize that people are healthier and happier this year. If one of these ideas* resonates with you, great! If not, or if you’d rather skip resolution altogether, that’s fine too! Taking care of yourself starts with knowing what you need and knowing when to say no.

*Yes, only one! Please don’t try to do everything on this list at once – that would be exhausting!

  1. Find a primary care physician that you really like and trust, and get an annual physical.
  2. start using Medication Tracking Appso you never miss a dose (or accidentally double up).
  3. Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order and your fire extinguishers are not expired.
  4. Take courses to earn CPR certification.
  5. Stop looking at your phone an hour before bed, and/or set a timer while using the apps you’re most likely addicted to.
  6. Recommit to flossing every day.
  7. call your friends More frequent.
  8. Ask what you want in bed.
  9. actually Using Your FSA/HSA Funds.
  10. Stop texting while driving once and for all.
  11. Think of ways to connect with nature At least once a day.
  12. Master a few Food Safety Basic Skills.
  13. Commit to wearing sunscreen every day (and actually reapply as needed!).
  14. Enter ventilation.
  15. Throw away all expired and crusted beauty products.
  16. Unsubscribe – Unsubscribe from emails you never read, cancel IG accounts that make you feel bad about yourself, cancel subscriptions you never actually use.
  17. Cheering on Runners in a Marathon.
  18. Consult a healthcare provider about a troubling problem — such as a suspicious mole, your persistent stomach problem, or your temper.
  19. Schedule an annual eye exam – because nothing is more life-changing than getting the right prescription.
  20. Develop an emergency preparedness plan for your household (such as flood, extremely hotor power failure, etc.).
  21. Get to know your neighbors.
  22. Spend 15 to 20 minutes each day doing something creative (like journaling, knitting, or drawing).
  23. Put on clothes that make you feel good (and get rid of the ones that don’t).
  24. Join a recreational sports league, sign up for dance classes, or participate in surfing lessons. MOVE YOUR BODY THE WAY YOU REALLY LOVE AND EXPECT.
  25. Give yourself a break – remember that sometimes even “easy” goals can be a struggle, and can exit.



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