The 13 Best Yoga Apps So You Can Practice at Home


Whether you are brand new yoga or experienced practitioners, having the best yoga apps on hand can make starting and sticking with one easier practice at homeThe problem is, there are so many yoga apps out there that it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and effort.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’ve scoured the app stores to find 13 of the best apps you should download. Because we firmly believe that yoga is for everyone, we look for apps that are affordable, inclusive, and strive to be accessible to people of all sizes and abilities. We also aim to include apps that respect yoga’s ancient roots and emphasize qualified, knowledgeable instructors.

The list is full of apps that deliver exceptional experiences across categories, including accessibility, inclusion, affordability, teacher expertise, and cultural sensitivity。 Regardless of your fitness level, yoga experience, or reason to start practicing at home, these options are solid choices. From gentle yin yoga to sweaty vinyasa flows to pranayama (focusing on the breath) classes and more, you’ll likely find the yoga class you’re looking for in one (or more) of these apps.

But before we dive into the best apps, a few simple things: If you’re completely new to yoga and curious about what to expect in your first class, Read these expert tips for beginners. If you are in the market for a quality yoga mat, This is advice from an experienced lecturerthere are more Home Yoga Products This can improve your solo flow.If you want to learn more about the history of yoga and how to practice it respectfully, check out this important article About the Roots of Yoga and Why It’s a Physical Practice, Called asanais actually just an integral part of this ancient tradition.

Ready to get started? Here are 13 of the best yoga apps worth checking out.

1. Weak underbelly application

The brainchild of yoga teacher, author, and SELF columnist Jessamyn Stanley, weakness Offers inclusive, accessible classes that focus on everything from breath work and basic poses to grounding sequences to fast-paced poses and stanley put it, Underbelly is “home to the health misfit who may feel displaced, frustrated, or neglected by the lack of diversity in the health and fitness community.” Try the two-week free trial. ($10/month for iOS and Android)

2. Yoga studio

Sometimes you just want that live classroom vibe, even if you’re unfolding the mat in your living room. yoga studio This experience is delivered through more than 25 live daily classes covering all levels and styles of yoga – from therapeutic yoga for all levels to the more advanced vinyasa flow to YogaWorks signature classes that combine alignment, breath work and movement . Best of all, the app offers over 1,300 on-demand classes, so the chances of you falling into a yoga rut are virtually zero. Try the two-week free trial. ($19 per month for Android, on-demand classes; $35 per month for live and on-demand classes)

3. Yoga with Dianne

Yoga for Everyone its about Body Positive and Accessible Yoga. Created by instructor Dianne Bondy, this app takes an inclusive approach to yoga and seeks to make the practice accessible to anyone regardless of size, shape, or ability. Classes come in two styles (think vinyasa, slow flow, and chair yoga) and lengths (5 to 67 minutes). Learn how to use props and adjust poses to suit your body, and expect to have absolutely zero diet talk or body shame in the process. Try the two-week free trial. (iOS or Android, $15/month)

4. Alo Mobile

Founded by the super popular clothing brand Alo Yoga, alo action The app offers over 11,000 video lessons from big-name instructors including Dylan Werner, Briohny Smythand, and Ashley Galvin. Classes range in ability level from beginner to advanced and cover seven different styles of yoga – from vinyasa, hatha and ashtanga to restorative yoga, kundalini yoga and more. Oh, and if you want to perfect a certain skill — like a handstand or the splits — they have a series for that, too. Try the two-week free trial. ($20/month for iOS and Android)

5. Yoga Glo

Whether you only have two minutes or want to stream for half an hour, yoga ball There is a course for you. The app has a lot of variety in every way, including course length and, yes, ability level and workout style. Choose from daily live classes and over 3,000 on-demand yoga options ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. Classes cover 14 different yoga styles—from flow, hatha, kundalini, yin, and Iyengar, to prenatal, restorative, conditioning, pranayama, and more—so There is something for everyone. Try the 7-day free trial. ($24/month for iOS and Android)

6. Find something that feels good

you may already be familiar with Yoga With Adrian YouTube Channelbut yoga teacher Adrian Mishler There is also a subscription app with lots of member-only content. find something that feels good Giving you easier access to hundreds of yoga videos, plus exclusive classes, premium classes and a global community. If you’re new to yoga, you’ll appreciate specific and related processes that emphasize modification and the odd (like yoga for tired legs and yoga for uncertainty). Try the 7-day free trial. ($13/month for iOS and Android)

7. Apple Fitness+

Yoga is one of 11 activities Apple Fitness+, a fitness service built around the Apple Watch. Classes are taught by experienced instructors you may know from Instagram, including Jonelle Lewis, Molly Fox, and Jessica Skye. You can sort lessons by length, instructor and music genre, making it super easy to find the perfect lesson for your schedule and atmosphere. Also cool: The app offers guided meditations with video and audio components, so you can wrap up your workout (or day) with extra relaxation. ($10 per month for iOS, Apple Watch users)

8. Yoga Wake Up

ease into your day wake up yoga application. It can replace your usual alarm clock with gentle, audio-guided yoga and meditation that you can do in bed. You can also find your flow any time of day with hundreds of on-demand yoga options for beginners. Bonus: All classes are 30 minutes or less, and there are other classes to choose from besides asanas, including pranayama, affirmations, meditation, and more. And a bonus: The instructors represent a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and body types, which lends the app a welcoming vibe. ($11/month for iOS and Android)

9. International Yoga

Known as “one of the world’s leading online platforms for yoga courses”, Yoga International Offers more than 3,000 courses from more than 700 teachers through its app. Classes range in length from three minutes to nearly two hours, and cover styles such as flow, hatha, restorative, kundalini, yin, and more. Live lessons and new content are added daily, available in English and Spanish. In addition to asanas, the app offers podcasts and articles to help you deepen your knowledge of yoga. Try the 7-day free trial. ($20/month for iOS and Android)

10. Peloton

The name ‘Peloton’ might make you think of biking, but the fitness company is actually doing it through its large force Apps – including yoga. Lessons can be as short as 5 minutes to as long as 75 minutes, and vary in intensity from beginner to advanced. Choose from 12 different class types (think: Restorative, Yoga Fundamentals, Strength, etc.) and try one of the special music-themed classes for extra fun. Recent selections include Taylor Swift’s Midnights album course and NSYNC course. Also neat: courses are offered in English, Spanish and German. Try the 30-day free trial. ($13/month for iOS and Android)

11. Mutual fitness

You’ll find nearly 1,400 yoga classes fitness, an app that offers on-demand workouts in a ton of different categories, including barres, HIIT, boxing, and more. Filter by fitness level (including prenatal and postnatal options), impact (no impact to high impact), equipment required, and more. From a gentle five-minute hip-opening routine to a sweaty one-hour flow yoga, there’s something for everyone here. Try the 7-day free trial. ($25/month for iOS and Android)

12. CorePower Yoga On Demand

Can’t get into a CorePower studio class?join at home CorePower Yoga On Demand app, which offers unlimited online courses for all levels. Browse a library of 500+ online class options to find the routine that’s right for you, with options to filter by intensity (low to high), duration (1 to 60 minutes), instructor, body part you want to work, and more. You’ll also find guided meditations and mini-lessons on how to fix specific poses. Try the 7-day free trial. ($20/month for iOS and Android)

13. Nike Training Club

With a 4.8-star rating from approximately 252,000 reviews in the Apple App Store, Nike Training Club Apps are a favorite in many people’s fitness routines. One of the app’s core offerings is a library of 97 yoga classes in a variety of intensities, styles, and lengths. You’ll find everything from a gentle 5-minute flow for early pregnancy to a 30-minute restorative routine to a 60-minute exercise sequence. If you need a little help getting started, the app offers structured programs (such as a two-week beginner flow yoga program) that can help you develop a yoga habit. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this app? free. (iOS and Android, free).



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