Learn how to add cheese to your daily diet. – Here are 5 easy recipes to add cheese to your daily diet.


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And what better way to enjoy a hot, healthy breakfast with your family on a cold winter day? Food cravings can increase this season as water intake decreases. This makes it a little harder to stick to the diet. People try to avoid protein and fat in winter to lose weight. But our bodies need all nutrients in equal amounts, so it’s important to get the right amount of protein and fat. Today we come up with a solution to this problem for you. Here are 5 healthy and delicious winter special cheese recipes. This will help bring about a change while making your diet easier.

Let us know how paneer benefits you in winter.

1. Lose weight

High amounts of calcium, vitamin A, and B vitamins are found in protein-rich cheese. It is low in fat and is a good choice for weight loss diets.

2. Maintain energy

According to a 2005 report by JAMA Pediatrics, children who get more dairy products (eg, cheese, milk) have more energy than other children.

3. Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

A UK study on dairy consumption stands out. Eating cheese and other dairy products is said to reduce the risk of diabetes.

4. Strong bones and teeth

Consuming cheese can keep your bones and teeth strong due to the high amount of calcium and essential nutrients.

So let’s pay attention to these 5 healthy and delicious cheese recipes

1. Paneer Paratha

To prepare Paneer Paratha, put multigrain flour in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and a spoonful of ghee. Knead the dough with warm water and let it stand for 15 minutes. In the next step, take a bowl and mix the grated cheese, cilantro, chilli and spices in it. To make parathas, a little spice is taken from this mixture, stuffed into a dough and fried in desi ghee in a non-stick pan.

Serve hot with your favorite chutney.Image: Shutterstock

2. Paneer Pulao

First, soak the rice for half an hour. Now slice off the cheese and onion and set aside. Next, heat the cooker and add desi ghee and add asafoetida, cumin, turmeric, cloves, bay leaf and black pepper. Then add the onions and peas and fry over medium heat. Finally add cheese and fry until golden brown. Finally add the rice, salt and curry powder. Add water as needed and cook until 2 whistles. Serve hot with your favorite chutney.

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3. Cheese Boogie

First, heat a tablespoon of desi ghee in a pan. Now add the asafoetida, cumin seeds and fry the onions and once they are browned add the capsicum, tomatoes and green chilli. After this, add the spices and stir well, then add the grated cheese. Continuing to stir over medium heat, add lemon juice and mix well. Now your Paneer Bhurji is ready.

National Sandwich Day 2022
Prepare a cheese sandwich like this.Image: Shutterstock

4. Cheese sandwich

To prepare the sandwich filling, heat desi ghee in a pan. Now add cumin and turmeric. Then add the onions, tomatoes, green chillies and spices and stir well. Finally add cheese and mix well.

Now spread the green coriander chutney on part of the bread and add the filling for sandwiches. Coat with a little ghee or butter, toast on both sides and serve warm.

5. Grilled cheese

First, cut the cheese into large cubes and set aside. Now add garlic ginger paste, black salt, turmeric, lemon juice and red chilli in a bowl and make a paste. In the next step, spread this paste on a baking sheet and let it rest for 20 to 25 minutes. Now heat the pan and put 2 spoons of desi ghee. Now place the cheese slices in the pan, toast them well from both sides and serve with your favorite chutney.

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