Know which is more harmful to your health, sugar or fat. Know which is more harmful to your health, sugar or fat.


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Most delicacies are made only from sugar and fat. However, if there are any health concerns, doctors first recommend removing them from the diet. When you consume excess sugar, it increases the chances of high blood pressure, weight gain, inflammation, diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease (sugar side effects on the body). At the same time, eating too much saturated fat in your diet can increase the bad cholesterol LDL in your blood. This increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Both sugar and fat are bad for your health. But to find out which is more harmful (sugar vs fat), we spoke to Dr Neha Pathania, Chief Dietitian at Pallas Hospital, Gurgaon.

Here are 7 reasons to know which is more harmful, sugar or fat (sugar vs fat)

1 Use of artificial sugar increases risk

Dr. Neha explains, “Artificial sugar is heavily used in our modern food system. Even though it adds flavor, it increases the chances of obesity, high blood pressure. That way, sugar can have worse outcomes than fat.”

2. Sugar increases the risk of diabetes and cancer (sugar side effects on the body)

We eat normal sugar and fat in equal amounts. Sugar intake was more strongly associated with common causes of morbidity than fat intake. It promotes various other risk factor diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

3 Sugar increases obesity more than fat

Eating sugar is more closely associated with obesity than eating fat. Fat really isn’t good. It is also thought to contribute to weight gain. But sugar intake increases obesity more than fat intake.

4. Sugar increases inflammation more than fat

Dr. Neha explains, “Sugar is rich in the simple carbohydrates glucose and fructose. We don’t need a lot of it. In fact, people don’t depend on simple carbohydrates. When we eat simple carbohydrates, the body needs to make insulin to break them down. Glucose. Insulin has inflammatory properties. The main factor in heart disease is inflammation. So too much sugar is more harmful to the cardiovascular system than too much fat.

5. Sugar ends up turning into fat too

Eating too much sugar can make you fat. Sugars you get from food are often used to carry out daily activities. When you eat without making an effort to burn calories, sugar turns into fat.

Are you eating too much sugar?
When you eat without making an effort to burn calories, sugar turns into fat.Image: Shutterstock

In this way, the sugar is the fat that gets deposited in your body. It can cause weight gain.

6. Short sugar is more dangerous

Short candies are worse. If the fat is monounsaturated or polyunsaturated, it may not be harmful to health. Saturated fat is bad for you. Trans fats are very dangerous.

7. Sugar weakens metabolism

We unknowingly consume too much sugar. Sugar turns into fat with little effort in the body. Conversely, the fat you consume is not immediately stored as fat.first through the metabolic process It is converted to glucose. Excess glucose can be converted to fat and stored.

Sugar reduces good bacteria in pets
Excess sugar weakens metabolism.Image: Shutterstock

at the end

Sugar is clearly bad for your health. However, trans fats, or hydrogenated fats, are also bad for your health.Damage from trans fat free radicals, high cholesterol, heart disease and various diseases Too dangerous for cancer. Cookies, cakes, pastries, processed foods, fast food and fried foods contain hydrogenated fats in addition to sugar. It’s best to skip both, if possible, adds Dr. Neha. But when choosing one of the two to quit, it is more important to quit sugar.

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