Here’s What You Need to Stop Saying Sorry During Sex


Sex is the process of joining two bodies. In this case, each person is comfortable in a different position during sex. This doesn’t mean at all that you should ask your partner for permission or say you’re sorry. Both parties have the right to try to please the other on their own for the sake of sexual gratification. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with putting your priorities ahead of your partner’s when the two are together.

If you’re one of those people who always wants to see their partner happy and works hard for it, it might not be right to say sorry for little things that happen in bed. Because there’s nothing wrong with pleasing your partner. Taking to Instagram for more info, therapist and relationship expert Elizabeth Federick, PhD, shared a really interesting list of things you should stop apologizing for during sex. need.

There is no need to be nervous when having sex.
For sexual stimuli and responses, tension must be suppressed.Image: Shutterstock

1 When and How Fast You Orgasm

On the one hand some people take time in seconds, on the other hand orgasm It may also take 10 minutes to arrive. But it’s not at all that you’re doing something wrong, or that you’re doing it faster or longer than your partner.

2 beeps are normal

We hear many types of sounds during sex. It also makes us feel good about our partners. In addition to this, it is considered normal to fart from the vagina during intercourse. There is nothing you have to say sorry to.

express your likes and dislikes

When you’re in bed with your partner, you don’t have to be ready for every instead of saying sorry share your thoughts with your partner And tell them you don’t feel comfortable doing it that way. In fact, sexual satisfaction can only be achieved with the consent of both parties.

4 When your body doesn’t respond the way you want

Many times, the body doesn’t respond the way it did the last time. The body parts we found satisfying in sex last time don’t have to be satisfying this time. So, there is no need to panic or despair in this situation. Because it’s perfectly normal. We don’t have to feel sorry for that.

sexual desire
Adopting a healthy lifestyle can also stimulate libido in time Image credit: Shutterstock

Learn 5 new things

Sometimes one of the two partners is more experienced or more about sex Keep. In this case, if you suspect any sexual activity or you don’t know about it, then rather than apologize to your partner, get the information from your partner.

6 Priority for orgasm

There are many different sex positions, and everyone has their own preferences. It’s okay if you like 69 or doggy sex positions and your partner doesn’t. Don’t apologize to your partner for your choices.

7 Things to Do to Feel Relaxed and At Home

Everyone has their own choice. Some people are comfortable with blankets while having sex, while others prefer to have sex with no lights on. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s also important to feel safe during sex.But apologizing even after expressing your wishes is not right in any sense

8 There’s Nothing Wrong With Feeling Excited Every Moment

Doing the same sex positions in bed every day is sure to get tiresome. If you want to try new things, don’t feel bad about it. In fact, you want your partner to feel something new so your relationship can grow stronger. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with pulling a little hair or cutting your ears anyway.

9 Stop Leg Cramps

You change a lot of positions during sex. In such cases, leg cramps are common. But for this, you can ask your partner to stop without thinking you are guilty. After recovery, you can spend time with your partner again.

Federico said sex could be much better. If we remove this pressure from ourselves, the partner will not feel bad. It should be noted that it is not possible to make sounds during sex, nor to have everyone sit in every position accurately. So leave the other things in your sex life, enjoy the moment, and live a loving life with your partner.

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