Learn Reasons to Eat Cranberries in Winter


Rich in nutrients, cranberries are a great tonic for your health. It is a sour fruit rich in vitamins. The fruit is used to make vegetables, chutneys, juices and pickles. Cranberry is called Cranberry in English. It tastes delicious. This delicious fruit also helps protect you from many diseases.

It also reduces the risk of painful ailments like colds and coughs, stomach pains, heart disease and cancer, especially in winter. Eatfit 24/7 founder and celebrity nutritionist Shweta Shah knows the health benefits of cranberries well.

will get rid of obesity

If you suffer from obesity, cranberries may be a better choice for you. You can include cranberry juice in your weight loss diet. In fact, cranberries contain a lot of fiber. Therefore, we will not feel hungry for a long time.

Treat skin diseases

Cranberry plays a special role in eliminating skin-related diseases and allergies. Eating cranberries can also heal ailments like eczema and psoriasis. In fact, the nutrients in it create collagen. The texture of the skin begins to glow.

Benefits of Berries
Cranberries can improve skin problems.Image; shutter stock

Makes the immune system strong

You can eat gooseberries in any form. Cranberry chutney and pickles can be added to the meal. Antioxidant-rich cranberries strengthen the immune system.

strengthen the digestive system

Digestive disorders and acidity issues are common in winter. In such cases, eating gooseberries solves the problem of constipation and stomach acid. At the same time, food begins to be digested and the digestive system is repaired.

Helps improve mental health

Magnesium is found in cranberries. In this case, consumption of gooseberries is also beneficial for mental health. Eating it will wake up the happy hormone. This helps us to get rid of any stress and mental state.

Nutritional Value of Cranberries

Nutritionally, cranberries are a vitamin-rich food. It contains vitamins C, E and K. We also get a good amount of potassium, iron and zinc from this fruit. This gives the body strength to fight other diseases. Due to the high fiber content, the stomach feels full for a long time.

Cranberries Help Prevent UTIs
Cranberries have been proven to help prevent UTIs.Image: Shutterstock

what the research says

According to the Dietary Guidelines, a bowl of cranberries contains only 45 calories. In addition, 100 grams of cranberries contain 87.13 grams of water. Another study found that cranberries were taken daily in the form of juice. Thereby reducing the risk of heart-related diseases. In addition to this, the level of HDL cholesterol starts to increase.

Lower urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common problem among women, according to the National Library of Medicine. This problem occurs in about 60% of women. Women are more than 50% more affected than men. The main reason is said to be the shorter urethra in women. As a result, infection begins to develop easily in the bladder.

Cranberry Pickles

make us need

500g cranberries
a bowl of mustard oil
Turmeric 2 tablespoons
1/2 teaspoon red pepper
Sanf 1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon coriander powder
1 teaspoon of cumin
the taste of salt

Wash the gooseberries and remove the seeds from them. Now put the oil in the pan and heat it up.

Grind all the above spices and put them in the oil. After the spices are cooked, the gooseberries are added to this mixture.

If you want to make gooseberry sweet pickles. You can mix 100g of jaggery by grinding or melting. When the gooseberries start to cook, turn off the gas.

Place the kimchi in the sun for two to three days. This cooks the kimchi nicely.

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