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(KNSI) – Weight loss is always a popular New Year’s resolution, but a survey by a Minnesota gym shows there are other reasons people will be working out in 2023.
The fitness center chain Life Time recently released the results of its annual health and wellness survey, which showed, for the first time, building muscle topped losing weight as the number one reason to get in shape. Life Time Spokesperson Dan DeBaun says that building muscle is becoming more popular in the fitness world. “Strength training is going to actually help you when it comes to weight loss. It’s not only going to help you build muscle, that’s a big part of it, but strength training is also essential for boosting your metabolism and getting that underlying strength. That really helps you achieve the goal of weight loss.”
The survey showed 32% of people will be at the gym to build strength in 2023, followed by losing weight at 30%. The next three choices were 14.6% to increase mobility, 12.9% to help eat better, and 10.5% say they will work out to improve mental health.
Officials say about half of Americans set New Year’s resolutions, but only about four to nine percent of people feel good about accomplishing them. DeBaun talked about why so many people come up short. “Usually people set resolutions that are a little too lofty. They’re a little too vague. And they end up feeling overwhelmed and then you get the typical chase after it for a couple of weeks and then they end up feeling just like this is too much. Then they fall off the wagon.”
He says there are some tips to help you achieve your workout goal. “Rather than lofty resolutions we’ve always preached to think about some daily habits or small things that you can start with. Start small and build from there is usually going to be a lot more sustainable than setting a big-time resolution in the New Year.”
He says to start by working out for three days a week and go from there. Life Time has 24 locations in Minnesota and 161 clubs across the country.
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