Sister Wives’ Christine, Janelle and Meri can each make up to $2M a year after split from ex Kody, expert c… – The US Sun

SISTER Wives' Christine, Janelle and Meri Brown can all make considerably more money per year since their split from Kody, a PR expert has told The U.S. Sun.
The three ex-wives could bring in $2millon annually each – "more than 15 percent" than what they were making prior to their separation from Kody, David Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision PR Group said.
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kody Brown, 53, alone is worth a reported $800K. The same website reports that Meri, Christine, 50, and Janelle are currently worth $400K each.
David told The U.S. Sun that the trio's extra income could come from brand partnerships, sponsorships, selling products, and more, and could net them "anywhere between $800,000 to $2 million."
The PR expert explained that it's often a "plus to be single" when brands partner with celebrities when the audience is health and fitness related.
David noted that the amount they make each season on Sister Wives, which is currently in season 17, depends on how many years their individual contracts have been in effect.
He added that the pay normally "goes up more" after the contract is renewed.
Apart from airing the Browns family drama on the hit TLC show, the wives have been racking income in other ways.
Meri has been selling LuLaRoe clothing for years, Janelle, 53, has her lifestyle brand Strive With Janelle and both she and Christine are heavily involved in Plexus marketing for weight loss.
"People can relate to [the Sister Wives] and especially people who are going through tough times," David said. "People who are going through separations and bad relationships relate to them."
But, the three wives aren't the only ones "winning" in the breakup from Kody. David added that Kody "looks like the bad guy" but "it's ratings gold." 
"In reality TV you have the victim and the bad guy. For Kody, he couldn't ask for anything more. People are talking about him," David explained. 
"Everyone's waiting to see how he's going to respond as far as the future of the show and as far as his career- It's all a major win for him. More people are going to be tuning in to see what he says and what happens next."
While season 18 hasn't officially been announced, Christine had confirmed filming is taking place when she posted on Instagram in November.
“I’m finally filming in my house in Salt Lake!! So excited!" she captioned a selfie.
Meri, 51, and Janelle revealed they are no longer married to Kody in the One on One: Part 1 special that aired on December 18. Christine had previously announced her separation from Kody over a year ago. He's still legally married to Robyn.
"I'm sure we're just getting really just some teasers with more to come in the upcoming season. It's almost like a preview of what's to come," David said, referring to what the Sister Wives are revealing during the three-part tell-all special.
He added: "It's creating more buzz. More people are going to be tuning in [next season], watching to see what happens next."
"You're going to have more drama, back and forth attacks, and the big question- are new people going to be introduced?
"Will there be new wives or maybe new male partners for the ex wives?"
The Season 17 premiere scored its highest-rated season premiere in six years. According to Nielsen data, the first episode on September 11 averaged 2.2 million viewers and earned a 1.42 rating among women between the ages of 18 and 49.
News of the splits were covered by multiple media outlets.
David added: "It's reached a whole new audience – people that didn't even know about them before. And that's what TLC wants because not only does it create more viewers for Sister Wives, people will also check out to see what else is on TLC."
The second part of the tell all airs on Sunday, January 1st at 10pm ET on TLC.
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