Know why the female condom is less used, what is the reason and situation in India. Know that the female condom is used less. What is the situation in India and why.


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Family planning is also necessary for happy families and strong relationships. Condoms help with family planning. Condoms help with family planning and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Overall, condoms prevent unsafe sex. But women are less aware of the enhanced intimate health benefits of using the female condom. In India it is used less. What is the reason, tell us in this article.

How many types of condoms are there

A research article on the design and utility of the female condom is published in the Curation Journal. This research article is also included in PubMed Central. Researchers M. Mokgetse and M. Ramukumba studied the acceptance and use of the female condom among young women in Botswana. According to researchers, women are using condoms as a form of birth control, but not as much as they should.

There are 4 main types of condoms.
1 latex, plastic, or lambskin condom
2 lubricated lubricant condoms. There is a thin layer of liquid on top.
3 spermicidal condoms. Nonoxynol-9 chemical is applied on it. This kills sperm.
There are also ribbed and inlaid textured condoms. But most women use condoms made of latex.

All four condoms can be divided into two parts – FC1 and FC2. The FC 1 female condom is made of soft, thin plastic. It’s called polyurethane. Its use has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the FC2 female condom. It is made of synthetic latex.

The female condom is 95% effective

The condom is worn inside the vagina. It acts as a barrier that prevents sperm from entering the uterus. Its effectiveness is as high as about 75% – 82%. Researchers have shown that the female condom can be up to 95 percent effective when used properly. Condoms made of synthetic latex are more commonly used. As effective as it is, the female condom isn’t being used as much as it should be.

To determine the extent to which the female condom was preferred as a primary method of contraception, researchers conducted a random sample of Botswana women aged 15 to 34. For this purpose, a condom-based questionnaire was prepared for women. In addition to this, data are also collected from health services.

decision making is important

Fact-based findings show that female condom use is low. The study concluded that a woman’s status and decision-making ability in a relationship play an important role in the acceptance of the female condom. If a woman can’t make up her mind, then it’s impossible to use the female condom.

Benefits of Condoms
If a woman can’t make up her mind, then it’s impossible to use the female condom.Image: Shutterstock

Not much is known about condoms, and their attitudes can also affect their use. Many times women find it difficult to use condoms, Therefore cannot be used.

Why is female condom use decreasing in India?

According to a research article by Jessamyn Bowling, Brian Dodge’s team, published in the Journal of Health Psychology, the acceptability of the female condom was investigated in Indian cities such as Chennai and New Delhi. During this period, 50 women and 19 men were sat down and asked questions about condoms. At the same time, individual interviews were conducted with a number of women. During interviews, they were told that using the female condom also had benefits of unwanted pregnancy, protection from STIs, female empowerment, and hygiene.

Female condoms are not used much due to lack of sensation.Image: Shutterstock

But participants reported that a lack of sensation during sex led to a decrease in female condom use. Participants also suggested structural modifications to the female condom to make it easier to use.

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