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TikToker Amy Chang and a woman doing skincare
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Amy Chang is a “skin and hair obsessed” TikTok content creator who dedicates her expertise to “helping you look and feel your best”. She has a huge 1.4M followers on the social media app, and 39.8M “likes”. The beauty aficionado claims she has aged in reverse from her 20s to her 30s.
Amy shared the four essential tips and tricks to do the same. She said: “Here’s how I aged in reverse and how you can do it too.
“First, I chillaxed on having Botox injected into my masseter,” Amy said. “I wanted that feline look, but it was so ageing.”
Masseter botox is a procedure of injecting botox into the masseter muscle, on the side of the face. The masseter muscle helps you to chew and stretches from the cheekbone to the jawbone.
The procedure is often used as a treatment for teeth grinding and jaw tension. However, some use it cosmetically to slim out the face.
Amy went on: “As we age all the tissues in our face thin out. If you’re doing something that thins it out faster it’s incredibly ageing.”
READ MORE: ‘I’m 32 but people think I’m 15 & I swear by three skin products starting from £6.29’Amy before and after her transformationNext, Amy stopped exfoliating her skin too much, she explained: “I stopped over-exfoliating my skin.” Showing a picture of her in her younger years with bumpy, rough skin, she said: “Look at all these breakouts the rough texture, that’s inflammation from over-exfoliating.”
Over-exfoliating can cause irritated skin, redness and, as Amy said, inflammation. After a time it can cause dry and flaky skin, spots and breakouts.
Amy’s third tip was to rein in the filler. The skin expert said: “I also got a reality check on filler, that I don’t need it. I see all these young girls doing it who do not need it. I had filler in my cheeks, my lips, my nose, my chin, and it’s so ageing.”
Finally, Amy said: “Lastly, I started taking care of my hair because shiny healthy hair is one of the most youthful things. I would say it makes you look younger, more so than good skin.”
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