Here are 4 myths about periods of total stupidity.


All women experience pain during their periods and feel that heavy physical exertion during their period should not be done as this can further aggravate the pain. Many girls are forbidden to eat or touch kimchi and wash their hair during menstruation. Although a different type of logic is given for this. But which of them are true and which are fabricated, let’s clarify by talking to the experts.

We talked about periods and the many restrictions associated with them From Dr Pooja Divan, Gynecologist and IVF Specialist at Apollo Delhi and Director of Women’s Health and Fertility at Arkady.

Dr. Pooja says, “It’s a myth that you should not be physically active or exercising during your period. Instead, moderate exercise is required during your period. This allows blood flow to proceed properly.

She further added: “There is also a lot of data showing that women perform well even during menstruation, and their performance has not declined due to menstruation. Although they feel a little weak, the female players have not let up in their performance.

Dr. Pooja Dewan tells us that sex is forbidden during menstruation, but sex is more enjoyable due to the blood flow during menstruation.

What is your special relationship with menstruation?
Learn what to avoid during your period.Image: Adobe Stoke

So what are the things to avoid during menstruation medically?

1 cool stuff

Some people feel more pain when they eat something cold, such as cold water, ice cubes, or ice cream, during their period. So try to avoid eating raw and cold things. Eat something hot instead. This way you can be free from pain.

2 jumping exercises

Some women experience more pain. That’s why doctors recommend that you only do light exercise during your period. This can give you less pain. Although you should avoid very vigorous workouts or jumping movements, which can put stress on your pelvic region and abdomen.

Be careful when cleaning your vagina

Many people don’t know the correct way to wash the vagina. They clean from the back to the front. The vagina should be cleaned from front to back. This prevents the bacteria from later stools from entering your vagina further.

4 Change the mat before it gets wet

If using pads, replace them 3 to 4 times. If you’re using tampons, be sure to change them within 8 hours. Beyond that, if you’re using a menstrual cup, you should only use it by boiling it in water to make it sterile.

5. Avoid Synthetic Clothing

You should avoid synthetic underwear and wear cotton underwear instead. They allow air to pass through your groin area.

    what to eat during period
Know which period-related myths you shouldn’t believe. Image: Shutter.

Don’t believe in any kind of myth

Always consult an expert before believing any myths related to menstruation. Restrictions passed down from generation to generation are not necessarily true. According to UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), there are some myths about periods that should be busted.

All women become irritable during menstruation

Menstrual cycles are caused by hormonal changes. They affect different people differently. Mood swings are a side effect of hormonal changes in some women. Many women don’t experience mood swings though.

Menstruation should not be discussed in public

In fact, not talking about menstruation leads to ignorance and neglect. This leaves women and girls vulnerable to issues such as menstrual poverty and discrimination. It also has a negative impact on vulnerable women and girls.

Certain foods are contraindicated for menstruating women and girls

Many communities believe that certain foods, such as sour foods, cannot be eaten by menstruating women and girls. In fact, there are no medical restrictions on what menstruating women should and should not eat. Dietary restrictions limit their nutrient intake, putting them at risk.

4 Lifting heavy objects during menstruation leads to infertility in the future

This is pure nonsense. Citing female athletes as an example, Dr Pooja said this ridiculous claim is completely unjustified. Many female players perform well even when they are menstruating. So don’t depend on it, you can do little things according to your ability.


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