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Every woman’s menstrual cycle is different. Some people have it for a long time, while others feel more pain during these few days. Some complain of mood swings, while others struggle with late periods.if you too Some people complain of irregular menstruation, So it’s directly related to your diet. The first question is whether you are eating on time, the second question is whether those meals are actually healthy. Yes, a late period has something to do with your eating habits, so let us know which are the foods that can prove to be the solution to your problem.

what is cycle

  1. The cycle of hormonal changes in a woman’s body is called menstruation or periods. When hormones called estrogen and progesterone change, many types of changes occur in the body, including lower abdominal pain and bloating. The usual cycle is 28 days.Even if your menstrual cycle is between 25 and 35 days, your menstrual period(menstrual cycle) will be called regular.
The menstrual cycle occurs every month
The cycle of hormonal changes in a woman’s body is called menstruation or periods. image adobe stock

expert’s point

Our expert Dr. Ruchi Soni of Toneop tells us that if your period is late, start eating pumpkin seeds and flax seeds 14 days before your period starts. You may take with a meal or with milk if desired. At the same time, 15 days after the start of menstruation, eat white sesame and sunflower seeds. You can also eat them with milk, or just as they are.

Let’s learn about some other solutions from our experts.

Adding Cinnamon to Your Diet

Whether it is morning tea or evening coffee cup, boil a pinch of cinnamon powder and drink it, which can make the blood circulation of the pelvis regular. If you like, you can boil the cinnamon in a glass of water and drink it when half a glass is left. With it, you will feel healthy and the problem of irregular menstruation will disappear automatically.


Most young women also have to deal with period bloating. In this case, if you consume beetroot as a juice or salad, it can relieve period delay. Beetroot is rich in iron and fiber to keep your periods regular.

If we eat regularly, our periods will be regular.
Beetroot is rich in iron and fiber to keep your periods regular.

papaya and pineapple

If you start eating papaya and pineapple a few days before your period, then you will not experience any delays. In fact, papaya contains carotene elements, which can solve the problems of uterine function. On the other hand, pineapple forms red and white blood cells, ie cells, in our body. By eating this, your menstrual cycle becomes regular.

herbal tea

To overcome delayed periods, start drinking herbal teas a week before your menstrual date. To do this, bring a teaspoon of celery, a teaspoon of cumin, and 5 grams of jaggery to a boil in a glass of water. You will notice that your periods start to become more regular.


Ginger is rich in antioxidants and can be made into tea or decoction. Boiling and drinking ground ginger can boost the immune system and the problem of irregular menstruation will disappear. In addition, eating ginger and honey together can also overcome the problem of delayed menstruation.

What is the reason for late menstruation

early menopause
drug overdose

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