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YORK, Pa. —

Current cold weather conditions could cause lung problems

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic say that cold, dry air hitting much of the United States could be causing a condition called bronchospasm, which feels like a tightening in the chest or shortness of breath.
People who suffer from chronic lung conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may feel those symptoms get worse in extreme cold. Doctors say those people should avoid being outside for long periods of time and have extra inhalers—and even backup medical breathing equipment—around, like a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine or oxygen concentrator.
A new study of 54,000 people found that potatoes aren’t always unhealthy.
Apparently, it all depends on how they’re cooked! 
Fried or mashed potatoes, usually made with butter, oil and cream, can increase your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Previous research has showed a link between diabetes and potatoes in general, so the new findings say it’s not the tater that’s the big issue.  
If you happened to get a pet for Christmas and find yourself sneezing, dealing with itchy eyes and a stuffed noise, you might be allergic to them.
To alleviate the symptoms, doctors suggest trying to keep your four-legged friend off of furniture and out of the bedroom. You can also put air filters in rooms where your pet spends the most time. 
When it comes to cleaning, allergists say it’s important to vacuum and wipe down surfaces often. You can also try over the counter allergy medicine, and if that doesn’t help, call your doctor to talk about trying allergy shots.
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