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Ayurvedic kidney expert and founder of Sai Sanjivani
Ever since the global pandemic wreaked havoc on mankind, the focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle has emerged as one of the top priorities for people. While many have resorted to physical fitness, the need to keep internal organs healthy often takes a backseat.
In the modern world, safeguarding the health of internal organs like kidneys are just as important as sweating it out in the gym for bulging biceps. That’s why you must keep a track of your creatinine and urea levels to ensure your kidneys are functioning efficiently.
While creatinine is a biological waste formed by creatine – a metabolism substance that helps transform food into energy, urea is a by-product that is produced by the liver when protein is metabolized. Both are excreted from the body in the form of urine via our kidneys. The rise in levels of creatinine and urea is a valid indicator of the inefficient functioning of the kidneys.
So if you are facing problems of high creatinine and urea, follow these natural Ayurvedic remedies to bring them back to normal levels:
Reduce protein intake
High urea levels are often a result of a high protein diet. And since creatinine is a protein that is produced by our muscles, you should avoid all kinds of protein-rich diets including the likes of egg, cheese, milk, red meat, chicken and fish. While doing so, one must also give their muscles the much-needed rest. Since creatinine increases due to muscle metabolism, people can indulge in low-intensity exercises such as yoga and breathing exercises.
Increase fibre intake
Fibre is a vital nutrient that supports digestion and keeps our gut healthy. But, it is equally effective in balancing out creatinine and eliminating it from the body. Thus, for those looking to reduce their creatinine and urea levels, it is advisable to add fiber-rich food items into their daily diet.
Stay hydrated
Lower levels of water intake can often lead to dehydration which, in turn, can cause numerous health issues. But, dehydration is also a major contributor towards the rising levels of creatinine in your body. Since, it is difficult for the body to get rid of creatinine sans adequate level of water, the levels for creatinine can subsequently rise. Thus, you have one more reason to keep your water intake at optimal levels. For people with kidney disease, fluid intake and retention can also inflict problems. Therefore, it’s recommended for people to consult a nutritionist or kidney specialist to incorporate different ways of keeping themselves hydrated.
Reduce salt consumption
Limiting the consumption of salt is crucial in maintaining creatinine & urea levels in the body. Diets that have an excess amount of salt can significantly contribute to high blood pressure. Furthermore, processed foods that are often packed with phosphorus & sodium can also lead to several renal issues.
Avoid alcohol & smoking
Alcohol consumption is a major issue when it comes to managing creatinine & urea levels. Excessive alcohol consumption can have a great impact on the kidneys. Similarly, it can also contribute to conditions such as high blood pressure. On the other hand, smoking cigarettes, akin to consuming liquor, can also harm the body in several ways, including significantly increasing the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Quitting these two can help you in reducing kidney issues.
Don’t take additional creatine
Creatine is a natural complex that is made in our liver. It is transported to our muscles, where it is used for energy. When creatine is used as energy, it gets degraded into creatinine – a metabolic by-product. Harmful creatinine is produced when our body processes creatine – the type of amino acid. It is particularly found in protein sources & creatine supplements taken by weight lifters, athletes, & fitness enthusiasts to build a chiseled body – something that elevates creatinine levels. Taking these supplements in the long run can lead to impaired kidney functions and other side effects that you need to be careful about. Even if one must take creatine, they need to keep the dosage in check depending on their medical history and functioning of kidneys.
Summing up
In a world where people are striving to get fit and healthy, the need to safeguard the efficiency of kidneys has become imperative. While keeping your kidneys healthy can help in numerous ways, it also remains a vital cog in keeping your creatinine and urea levels in check.
As much as working out in the gym, you must shift your focus towards a healthy lifestyle, which includes consumption of key fruits and vegetables, a low-fat diet, and abstinence from bad habits such as smoking, drinking, or using drugs. After all, healthy kidneys make the overall body healthy, for they are a signal that everything is good inside the body.
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