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Hygiene of the elderly plays a crucial role in maintaining human health. In the process of aging, there is a radical change in the usual rhythm of life and a reduction of social ties. Therefore, Galaxy Home Care specialists provide you with important senior companion care services in Nassau county and other cities with care for your loved ones. Limitations appear, and the body weakens. Deterioration of health is caused by changes in hormonal levels, it becomes more difficult to maintain cleanliness. Dementia also leads to problems with neatness. The skin becomes more sensitive, water procedures cease to bring pleasure. Basic recommendations for pensioners:
How to properly care for the oral cavity
It is necessary to take care of teeth more after sixty years. Harmful bacteria and the weakening of general immunity affects the condition of the mouth. The elderly should:
The modern nursing home for the elderly recommends independently monitoring the condition of the skin. In case of alarming signs, you need to consult your doctor, and take tests.
Principles of intimate hygiene
In the course of age-related changes in the body, the mucous membranes dry out. As a result, swelling, ulcers, and diaper rash appear. They are a direct source of infectious diseases. Intimate hygiene of the elderly is based on several principles:
The main task is not to injure tissues during water procedures. The development of diseases is directly related to the appearance of microcracks, and damage to the skin.
Caring for another person is a difficult task in itself. And when an elderly person needs care, it is especially difficult. After all, elderly people are often moody, their health is unstable, and the amount of attention they require is great. However, we all have to face the need to care for our elderly loved ones.
Quality care for the elderly is based on several basic principles: constant monitoring of health, adequate treatment of existing diseases; properly organized nutrition; support of psychological and emotional health; organization of appropriate living conditions.
For elderly people who require increased attention and care, a nurse is typically invited to help in the care and can become a real friend to an elderly person. Also, the right decision may be to apply to a nursing home, where conditions are initially created for the elderly to meet all their needs.
Why do we need care for the elderly?
With age comes not only experience but also various diseases and ailments. Usually, elderly people feel that they become unnecessary to society and their loved ones as if they have been relegated to the sidelines of life. In such a situation, the character of anyone will change, not for the better. That is why elderly people are irritable, distrustful, moody, and aggressive, believing that others are biased toward them. They suffer from loneliness and helplessness.
Elderly people are unable to take care of themselves and require help with even the simplest everyday tasks.
The number of elderly people is constantly growing. Children and grandchildren only sometimes pay the necessary attention to their relatives. That is why the problem of elderly care is especially acute in modern society.
Care that we offer:
The joy of caring for our employees can not be compared with anything. We will surround you with care and necessary attention.
We always maintain the best living conditions. Spacious rooms, organized daily routine, joint walks, physical activity, good nutrition. The rooms are ventilated and wet-cleaned.
In order to make the elderly feel comfortable with us, we always provide moral support and medical care. Our employees are able to find contact with anyone and have enough patience, and psychological endurance.
Mandatory hygiene support. Personal hygiene is important, especially for bedridden patients. This is what allows you to maintain the desired level of comfort and health. For this purpose, competent specially trained employees work.
For social comfort, we regularly organize holidays and cultural events. We provide various programs and master classes, walks, and picnics. Here, elderly people live fully, can communicate with their peers, and make new friends. Thus, depression, from which people suffer in old age, will not come.
You can see for yourself the polite attitude and comfortable living for your loved one. We have a control system, video surveillance, and the ability to communicate via Contact us and we will answer any questions.


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