pH Makeup Is the Scientific Glam Trend Set To Take Over 2023 – Yahoo Entertainment

Mood makeup also known as pH makeup, has been picking up high speed on social media lately. Brands have been launching new innovations where an array of products across complexion categories such as blush and lip gloss turn into an entirely different hue upon application to the skin.
Of course TikTok is leading the trend charge as #phmakeup has garnered over 49 million views and counting on the app. The viral trend is proof that science is embedded in getting glam. pH is measured in the unique acidity of the skin. Once applied, it will develop according. Keep in mind that the pH on the surface of your skin can change throughout the day, making way for the application to shift colors. Kylie Cosmetics went viral for the holiday season with its color-changing lip tint that had TokTok in a chokehold.
As most of the products turn colors according to your personal pH level, results can be unpredictable but also very fun for the moment. We're bound to see newer and bigger innovations throughout 2023.
This moment was inevitable.
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