Know that testosterone deficiency can cause irritability in men. Know that your partner may be anxious about testosterone.


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When we hit menopause, our mood swings start to happen. We start getting angry over little things. Fatigue, hot flashes, and decreased libido may also be symptoms. Does your partner get upset with every question too? Days of restlessness can be seen in them. Their behavior may be due to a hormone deficiency (testosterone deficiency can lead to irritability in men). Which hormone is this (testosterone deficiency)? Is this mail menopause? To do this, we spoke to Dr. Pawan Sharma, an endocrinologist at Kangra Fortis Hospital.

Andropause doesn’t happen to men.

Dr. Pawan said, “As they age, some men begin to experience changes such as fatigue, anxiety, and abdominal fat. These changes may be due to a decrease in the male hormones testosterone (testosterone hormone deficiency) and estrogen, but they cannot be called Male menopause. Women suddenly begin to lack estrogen. In men, the decrease in testosterone occurs gradually. Studies have shown that after the age of 35, testosterone will drop by 1-2% per year. By the age of 70, this The hormones will be significantly reduced. So there may be a drop in libido, erectile dysfunction. But everyone’s anxiety or depression and obesity problems cannot be linked to a lack of testosterone.

Pollution may also be the cause

Eating too much junk food can lead to obesity. At the same time, this problem can also arise due to obesity. Pollution may also prove to be a risk factor for testosterone deficiency in men. Today, pollution in the environment is causing early menopause in women. This problem can also occur in men.

These may be symptoms of testosterone deficiency (testosterone deficiency symptoms)

Dr. Pawan said, ‘When men lack the hormone testosterone, it’s called hypogonadism.

Its symptoms may be-

Anxiety, not wanting to do any work may be due to a lack of testosterone. Image: shutterstock

depression, stress and irritability
Fatigue, anxiety, not wanting to do any work,
inability to exercise for long periods of time
energy shortage
Sweating, increased belly fat, etc. can be symptoms even after doing little work.
Symptoms such as lack of libido may occur.

It can also be healed by eating

This problem also sometimes occurs due to lack of nutrients in the diet. If your partner is experiencing the above symptoms, the first thing to watch is your diet. First, eliminate junk food from your diet. Sometimes, this condition is due to a lack of a diet rich in protein and high in fiber. Include both substances in abundance in your diet.

Tofu or Paneer: How to Make It Healthier
Include plenty of protein-rich foods in your diet.Image: Shutterstock

Eat more lentils, cheese, vegetables, fish, soybeans, chicken, eggs, etc. There are also benefits to eating seasonal fruits.

Testosterone therapy is the treatment

Mood swings don’t necessarily mean lower testosterone levels. This can happen even in the presence of mental health issues. They can then be advised to consult a psychologist or do stress-relief exercises. In addition, your partner may also suffer from obesity. Or they may have gained too much weight. In this case, they can first be asked to control their weight. A doctor should only be consulted if the problem is exacerbated. Your doctor may recommend testosterone therapy. The therapy is effective in this regard.

Treatment for low libido

Testosterone is primarily used to treat symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men and women, and hot flashes in women. Low libido is also treated with this. Before giving testosterone therapy, your doctor will order various physical exams. Kidney function tests, liver function tests, and heart tests, as well as testosterone tests, may also be ordered if testosterone deficiency is a concern.

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