Jennifer Lopez, 53, strips totally naked to promote skin care line in age-defying snaps – Express

Jennifer Lopez, 53, strips totally naked to promote skin care line in age-defying snaps

, 53, looked stunning as she showed off her fabulous new body creams as part of her JLo Beauty brand. The singer and actress posed topless with her arms crossed to cover her modesty, as she unveiled the latest additions to her collection to her followers.

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“When #JLoBody launched in July with the drop of Booty Balm, we promised you that was just the beginning,” she wrote a few days ago.
“Today, I’m so proud to introduce the two newest additions to your @JLoBeauty body care routine.
“Tighten + Tease Ultimate Body Serum: a highly efficacious body serum that gently resurfaces for a more radiant, brighter-looking appearance. I use this daily on my legs, arms, chest and stomach area.
“Smooth + Seduce Hydrating Body Cream: high-performance formula proven to provide immediate hydration while helping reduce the appearance of skin dimpling and loss of firmness for a more contoured silhouette. This cream is ultra-luxe and so hydrating that I use it twice a day to show my body some love.
“This Body Serum and Body Cream boost my all over glow AND my confidence,” she added. (sic) 
Yesterday, the star posted another picture of herself posing in white underwear, which highlighted her glowing skin, as she wrote: “For @JLo, it’s all about feeling confident in the skin you’re in.
“Our #JLoBody collection now has three skin staples that deliver visible results and LIMITLESS CONFIDENCE.” (sic)
She also donned a pair of silk pyjamas as she posted a video for fans, where she explained: “You can feel youthful at any age and feel great, not just great for 50.
“The goal was to create luxurious but accessible skincare you can afford to use daily.”
Back in July, Jennifer finally married her old flame, fellow actor Ben Affleck, 50, in a Las Vegas ceremony. 

Jennifer Lopez, 53, looked radiant as she posed for her latest beauty line

The star stripped naked to capture her natural beauty as she promoted her latest skincare products. 

Jennifer Lopez stunned in white as she showed off her glowing skin

The singer wore a white crop top and high-waisted white pants in yesterday’s Instagram photo.

Jennifer Lopez posted a video for her fans in a pair of silk pyjamas

The singer looked gorgeous in the silky ensemble, as she discussed the “luxurious” additions to her JLo Beauty range.

Jennifer Lopez described how she hoped to spread her youthful energy to others with her products

She told fans: “You can feel youthful at any age and feel great, not just great for 50.”

Jennifer Lopez shared a number of promotional materials to her story

The actress highlighted her new Smooth Seduce Hydrating Body Cream as she continued to pose for the camera.

Jennifer Lopez struck a similar pose on her story as she revealed where fans can find her products

The star suggested that her followers swing by Sephora to get their hands on her latest creams and serums.

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