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(CNN) – Before you ring in 2023, set yourself up for success in the new year by focusing on your health now. Instead of one huge change, start with the basics.
”Jan. 17 is the average day that the American breaks their resolution, so make small steps. Make small changes that are sustainable,” said Dr. Stephen Kopecky, a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic.
Kopecky adds that you should schedule wellness visits with your primary care provider.
“Check on your blood pressure, cholesterol and if at risk, get diabetes screening,” he said.
Routine screenings for cancer are also key to maintaining good health. You should also arm yourself with knowledge by making your health a part-time job.
”Get a blood pressure cuff at home and have it linked to your iPhone or smartphone so it’ll record the pressures. Know your medicines. Keep a list on your smartphone. Know what they are and why you take them,” Kopecky said.
He says to pick a day or week to focus on a healthy habit so it is not overwhelming.
”What’s important? What you eat. Next is how much activity you have. Physical activity. Next, is your sleep. That’s one of the forgotten risk factors,” he said.
Finally, get vaccinated.
It is not too late to get a flu shot or updated COVID-19 booster if you are eligible.
Kopecky says this can actually reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems.
”When we get the flu or we get COVID, we get a lot of inflammation in our body and that then can lead to problems with the lining of our arteries where they start to block up and have blood clots which can lead to a heart attack or a stroke,” he said.
Kopecky says having a daily goal can help you focus on achieving health improvements. For example, set a goal of being active one day. Next, focus on eating more fruits and vegetables and then, try cutting back on alcohol or getting better sleep. He says small changes add up to big improvements.
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