How to avoid joint pain in winter. – Eating these foods in winter can relieve joint pain.


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As winter sets in, so do the problems associated with it. including joint pain. As a result, a person may have to deal with pain when walking, descending stairs, or exercising. Aging and weakening bones are the main causes of this in most cases, but if you have a junk food habit, you may face this problem long-term. By making some necessary changes to your diet, you can stop joint pain in no time.

In this article from Health Shots today, we’ll tell you what you should start eating to get rid of this problem at its root.

But first let’s know some unseen causes of this problem (causes of joint pain) –

Sometimes continuous strenuous exercise or winter body stiffness can also cause joint pain. But if the problem has been bothering you for a long time, some serious health problem could also be the cause.

Bone cancer, fractures, Lyme disease, arthritis, muscle strains, or other bone-related problems may also be the cause, according to the Mayo Clinic.

what the research says

A study by the Arthritis Foundation suggests that a Mediterranean diet may be the best option for joint problems. Because it can help with chronic diseases, joint problems, arthritis and weight loss and blood pressure control.

In the Mediterranean diet, it is essential to consume nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dried fruits, while avoiding saturated fat and junk food.

Now let us know what changes you should make to your diet to avoid this problem –

green leafy vegetables
Including green vegetables in your diet is good for your body.Image: Shutterstock

1. Include vegetables

Depending on the season, there are health benefits to including green vegetables in your diet. For this, you can eat broccoli, cabbage, spinach, fenugreek, etc. In addition to this, garlic is also known to be beneficial for joint pain.

Garlic, with its anti-inflammatory properties and pain-relieving properties, can provide quick relief from joint pain problems, according to a PubMed Central study.

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2. Add spices

Moderate amounts of spices are also important in a healthy diet, and excessive consumption of spices can lead to stomach and skin problems. At the same time, eating the right spices can also eliminate problems such as arthritis. In this case, it is recommended to consume spices rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

A 2006 medical study conducted in Arizona showed that turmeric is effective in treating joint pain and arthritis.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea
The habit of drinking green tea can relieve joint pain.Image: Shutterstock

3. Make it a habit to drink green tea

The habit of drinking green tea as soon as you wake up in the morning can relieve joint pain. According to experts, drinking green tea is effective in relieving joint pain and boosting the immune system. The polyphenolic properties of green tea help reduce inflammation, which has also been shown to be a remedy.

4. Fish oil will work

Among non-veg options, consuming fish oil with eggs and fish has also been shown to be beneficial. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties along with essential nutrients. This is evidenced by a 2008 Australian study in which fish oil was found to benefit cardiovascular health and joint pain.

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