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Don’t we girls just love our makeup? It is so much fun to spice up your look and dazzle everyone, especially with the eye shadows which give our eyes all sorts of different shades, glitter and glam. The dark strokes of kohl make our eyes look so bold and beautiful. But all of this can come at a cost – the risk of eye infections. Let’s hear from a doctor who tells us the harmful effects that eye makeup can have on our health.
Eyes are the most beautiful and yet the most sensitive part of our body. Applying eye makeup that is filled with chemicals or taking those applicators so close to the eye can in no way be safe. Why try to enhance something that is already so beautiful and that too at the risk of your health.
Health Shots reached out to Dr Neha Arora, Consultant in the Department of Oculoplasty at Sharp Sight Eye Hospital. She says, “Repeated improper use of the same makeup, especially products for the eye without proper and timely removal or care can cause serious eye infections.”
Damage to the cornea is among the most severe injuries that eye makeup can bring about. It is quite possible to scratch your cornea while applying eye makeup with a mascara applicator or eyeliner. “If an injury does happen, it can result in a corneal abrasion that could further get gravely infected, causing significantly more problems,” says Dr Arora.
Conjunctivitis, more commonly called pink eye, is the most common eye issue connected to eye makeup. “Even though the majority of cosmetics contain preservatives that should stop bacteria from growing it is still quite possible for bacteria to grow on your makeup,” says Dr Arora. In most cases, this happens if the makeup is expired or has not been properly concealed.
Another serious issue due to makeup could be the buildup of mascara deposits beneath the eyelids. This might happen as a consequence of years of heavy mascara use without taking care to remove it properly and completely. Dr Arora explains that small pieces of mascara can get stuck inside the eyelid and then form into solid concretions that might end up scratching the cornea and cause irritation and discomfort. These concretions might further cause permanent scarring of the cornea or the eyelid or both and might require surgery for its removal.
Dr Arora says, “More often than not, an allergic reaction to a particular kind of eye makeup can result in redness, irritation, oedema, or infection of the eyes.” So, before purchasing a makeup product, it is crucial to read the label and check for chemicals that are harmful or to which the person is specifically allergic. You can do a patch test and if you notice an adverse response, make sure to look for an alternative safer product.
We use concealers to cover our dark circles. But guess what? These makeup products can worsen your dark circles. The eye is the most sensitive part of the body, as the area around it and the eyelid is thin and quite delicate. “Eye makeup more often than not has harmful chemical-based products that might trigger dark circles around these sensitive parts, if they are not properly removed before bed or if worn for a long period of time,” says Dr Arora.
Doctor’s advice: It is extremely important and necessary to take proper care while using eye makeup. Some of the factors one must ensure are checking for expiration date or harmful chemicals and ensure timely removal of makeup.
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