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Written by Morgan Fargo
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A blush queen.
Some celebrities take to TikTok like a duck to water. Others, not so much. Hailey Bieber, neé Baldwin, lives very much in the former category. A regular on the app, Bieber shares behind-the-scenes footage of her life – from red carpet ’fits to breakfast recipes, her days as the founder and face of Rhode Skin and, of course, make-up and skincare routines.
Earlier this year, Bieber shared her recipe for ‘glazed donut skin’, the plump, dewy skincare trend that became stratospherically popular. A low-key routine, she concentrated on multi-purpose products (like this apricot lip, cheek and eye balm), glistening highlighter and fluffy, full brows. This week, she dropped something new: her ‘glowy make-up’ routine. 
Whistling through a number of products, Bieber’s latest video has been viewed 3.9 million times and has over 2,000 comments – an amusing handful of which were begging her husband Justin to collaborate with artist-of-the-moment SZA. 
Among the sparkling eyeshadow and brow gel, the steps that caught my eye included the three types of blusher she uses consecutively and a budget-friendly, 90s-esque lip liner.
Layering a cream blush (likely this Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks one), with the liquid Saie Dew Blush in Dreamy and finishing with the viral Dior Backstage Rosy Glow powder blusher, the effect is, perhaps surprisingly, not so much OTT but more freshly flushed after a gentle jog or blustery walk. 
The low-key Nyx Suede Matte lip liner, £3.20, she uses in the video comes in two shades: the dusty pink ‘Cannes’ and a berry-toned ‘Cherry Skies’. Bieber uses Cannes in the video, layering her much loved and oft out-of-stock clear Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment over the top. 
Often, one of the most disappointing parts of seeing into a celebrity make-up routine is how unaffordable or inaccessible the products they use are. With Bieber, though, her make-up bag resembles a brilliant Cult Beauty basket – mainstream products we can all get involved with. 
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