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ONE of the things that changed in the 2022 beauty landscape was that it wasn’t enough for an influencer to say, for instance, that this lipstick was good. They had to try the lipstick, test it by eating and drinking, film the process, and upload the video on social media, usually TikTok.
In just a few months, many beauty TikTokers became Internet superstars because unlike traditional influencers, they were ready to “dirty” their hands and faces by actually trying out makeup and skin-care products.
Thanks or no thanks to TikTok, many beauty products were sold out in 2022. I have been looking for the Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick in Rum Raisin for a while but no thanks to TikTok, it’s not available online or offline in the Philippines.
The new “It Girls” aren’t Eurasian beauties. They’re regular people who just happen to be better looking than most of us. But they’re still very relatable.
And you know what? Many of the beauty tips they share work, even when the content is branded.
Another thing I love about TikTok is that high-end beauty brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Estee Lauder are no longer considered out of reach of the average beauty enthusiast. Yes, a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, the most famous one being Pillow Talk, costs over P1,000 but TikTokers presented them with more affordable dupes.
In the past, I remember asking during the live of two famous makeup artists about possible dupes to a Dior Beauty powder, and one of them snapped and replied with words that still embarrass me to this day. The other makeup artist, bless her, is very kind and would never act like that. Things like this don’t happen on TikTok. Even the content creators who come from wealthy families reply politely when asked. Because these TikTokers worked hard to get to where they are, they value their followers and treat them with respect. I’m not saying that every TikTok content creator treats their followers with respect but most of those I follow certainly do.
Beauty TikTok is responsible for making many brands and products famous. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is not new but Filipino creator Marj Maroket helped revive people’s interest it. It got to a point where Black Honey was sold out worldwide.
Issy and Co. is a Filipino beauty brand that used to have a celebrity endorser but it only really took off when TikTokers fell in love with the Active Skin Tint.
There are so many Filipino beauty brands that became famous on TikTok and that’s good, right? During the pandemic, these brands grew because people were stuck at home.
Rosmar is not just the nickname of a person. It is also a very popular brand of soaps and skin-care products on TikTok. The brand’s owner, Rosmar Tan, is very popular on the platform. Rosmar’s Kagayaku Whitening Soap is one of the most popular beauty products on TikTok.
Paulash is also a popular beauty brand on the platform. It is known for its false eyelashes. Most beauty creators worth knowing swear by this brand.
Anyway, here are some things I learned from my favorite TikTok content creators:
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I hope you got well into the New Year!
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