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These items are all the best of the best.
When it comes to shopping for home products, it’s no secret that Amazon is a one-stop shop for finding everything you need for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and beyond.
If you’re looking to give your home a refresh with top-rated products vetted by real people (that are also super affordable), Bustle has curated a list of the best home buys that will make your life a whole lot easier. From organization hacks to eco-friendly products that will actually save you money, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these popular items.
Ahead, discover 45 of the best home buys from Amazon that all have stellar reviews from thousands of shoppers.
This meat thermometer can take the temperature in less than three seconds. One five-star reviewer wrote, "At the incredibly low price I found this at, I honestly wasn’t expecting much. When it arrived, I was impressed at how nice this thermometer was! Well made, solid, accurate, and easy to use…Seemed to be a company that is quite proud of their product." As a bonus, it’s also waterproof, making it easy to clean after use.
A trash can that easily attaches to your car is a no-brainer for staying clean and organized. This one comes with a magnetic lid to keep the garbage from falling out, and is also leakproof. As one reviewer explained, "I have now purchased five of these trash cans; one for each car I own, both my kids, and my kid’s friend. Everyone loves this car trash can. It is exactly what I hoped for when I was searching to replace the typical small pop-up type you can purchase in most car parts stores.”
Keep your food organized and fresh with these airtight storage containers. They are perfect for rice, pasta, cereal, and so much more. "These containers are far better than I imagined. They are very thick and sturdy and super secure. The airtight lock is completely locked, and mine even stayed on when it fell on the floor. Great price for a pack of 3 and super quality. I have one for sugar, one for cereal, and another for snack bars. I definitely recommend this storage set,” a five-star reviewer wrote. You can buy them in multiple packs, depending on how many you need.
These reusable dishcloths are great for cutting down on paper towel waste. Not only are they incredibly absorbent, but they can also be thrown in the washing machine for continued use. They come in a set of 10 and a diverse range of bright colors to match any kitchen or bathroom. One person reviewed, "Just try them. These. This brand. If you regret the purchase, you aren’t appreciating the properties of the tool and aren’t matching the tool to the task. These are brilliant. They just are. Never quit making them. I bet there’s a fan club forum somewhere for them like there is the instant pot."
Aside from the incredibly affordable price tag, this set of satin pillowcases is loved for many reasons by thousands of Amazon shoppers. One five-star reviewer said, "I’ve tried various different brands of satin pillowcases. These are by far the best and they’re the most inexpensive. Highly recommend them." Crafted from 100% satin, the material works to reduce hair breakage and helps keep your skin soft compared to traditional cotton pillowcases.
Conveniently take your lunch to work or pack your kid’s school lunches in this super chic thermos. It keeps your food cold for 10 hours, and hot for up to five hours. "These are seriously the best hot food containers that we’ve had,” a five-star reviewer wrote. “When I send the kids to school with hot soup, tea, or other hot food, these keep the food hot until their lunchtime, which isn’t until 1:00 for one of my kiddos… None of the Thermos or Contigo brand food containers we’ve tried have worked this well. We’re very impressed." You can buy it in one of seven fun colors.
With a 4.6-star rating, this electric wine opener, which can open a cork in seconds, has garnered rave reviews amongst thousands of Amazon shoppers. "It was the best investment I’ve made this year!” one said. “It comes with a little piece in the back to take off the piece of wrapping around the opening of the bottle! No more looking for a place to rip it. Just place the little piece with the sharp edges around the top of the bottle, squeeze and twist! And then the opener! Oh the opener is a dream come true!" Just one charge can open up to 30 bottles.
From frothing your milk to quickly blending ingredients for smoothies or soup, this mini handheld blender does it all. One reviewer said, "This thing is the best invention ever! I use it daily several times a day to make whipped coffee. It’s really easy to clean between uses. I love how simple and convenient it is. I also like that it has two speeds and different pieces for different things." It’s also easy to clean — the detachable shaft is dishwasher-safe.
Formulated with collagen, grape seed oil, and other amazing ingredients, this Himalayan salt body scrub works wonders to help you achieve smoother and healthier skin. One person said, "This is the best salt scrub I’ve ever run into. It’s so light and yet [does] an excellent job. I normally exfoliate my skin twice a week but I think with this product. I might change to once weekly or twice weekly.” If you’re a fan, you’ll also love that it comes in a convenient two-pack as well.
Everyone knows drinking plenty of water every day is filled with major health benefits. This gallon water bottle is genius for reminding you how much water to drink throughout the day. "LOVE this thing,” raved one reviewer. “I’m a horse trainer and spending long days either riding or teaching riders can be really draining, especially if I’m not hydrated enough. This water bottle changed that! I love that it comes with a cleaning brush and two types of lids (use the straw lid, ladies and gentlemen. Trust me). Best purchase ever!" Available in over 20 colors, it’d also make for a thoughtful gift.
Storing leftovers has never been easier, thanks to these glass containers. This set of 10 is perfect for anyone who wants to ditch the plastic. Since they all have matching lids, you’ll avoid the frustration of trying to find the right one. Plus, they have almost a perfect score on Amazon, with reviewers calling them the perfect size. “These glasses are of great quality,” one wrote. “They were packaged extremely well and arrived without any damage. They seal well and appear to be leakproof thus far. Great purchase.”
These LED puck lights can be installed in just seconds with an adhesive strip that easily mounts to the walls. You can control the lights with the included remote to adjust the brightness level and timer. One person wrote, "Best purchase ever. I am so happy with these lights, [they] brighten up a dark part of my kitchen and didn’t require an electrician to come do something super complicated. Just peel off the adhesive and they are set. The light is great. Highly recommended."
If you’re in need of an organization solution that neatly stores your brooms and gardening tools, this wall holder is the answer. One reviewer wrote, "I have used a few different brands of these types of broom holders in my life. This is the BEST one. It’s so sturdy. I was able to mount mine to my storage door and the items never fall out with opening and closing. Great value!” It has six hooks and five slots to store brooms, rakes, and mops.
A good makeup brush goes a long way. This one is top-rated and beloved for its soft and firm bristles made for liquid or powder makeup. "I hardly write reviews but I could not help but come here and let everyone know!” one review boasted. “I want to also thank the company who creates this brand. It is a great feeling to KNOW that after using your brush I don’t have tiny random ‘hairs’ in my foundation. I don’t even have to look closely anymore like I do with my other brushes. I gave one to my niece and I will be ordering more! Again! Thank you for truly making a brush with NO FALLOUTS! Best Amazon find of 2022!” Make it your best find this year.
This toiletry bag is a savior for conveniently packing skincare, makeup, undergarments, and more. "Best purchase of 2022! I can’t even begin to express how much I love this bag/case! I bought it specifically for a trip to Vegas where it fit all my travel-sized bottles perfectly for flying. Last week I went on a cruise (didn’t have to fly to the port), and I remembered I had this bag, so I loaded it up with full-size products and it FIT SO MUCH!" one reviewer exclaimed. You can get one in one of 10 colors and patterns.
This outlet extender comes with two USB charging ports and size outlets so you can charge all of your devices at once. "I did a lot of searching and comparing for outlet splitters of this nature, and this is hands-down the best one I could find. There is more than enough 3-prong plugs for most situations, you get a couple USB ports which charge very quickly, and a great adjustable night light on top of it all! One of the best features is also how the item is affixed to the wall via the center post screw, which ensures that the whole thing does not come loose from the wall when unplugging something,” stated one reviewer. The nightlight is an added bonus that’ll leave you wondering how you lived without.
Dubbed a best-seller on Amazon, shoppers love this jade roller set that works to massage your face and reduce puffiness. "THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE PURCHASED,” exclaimed one reviewer. “I used the gua sha nightly after I put on moisturizer, and then follow with the roller [that] I keep in the freezer to calm the redness. It has definitely changed my face.” It comes in six different colors that are all so gorgeous that it might be hard to choose.
Our socks and underwear drawers never stay as neat as they should. This drawer organizer will change all of that with its designated slots that work perfectly for storing intimates. "I was reading an article with must-haves from Amazon and I found this. One of my best finds to date. My underwear drawers are so very well organized and it made my life so much simpler. Easy to assemble, fits 2-3 panties depending on your size. You will not regret it,” wrote one happy shopper. It comes in seven colors, so you can match it with your furniture.
It’s no secret that Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this pasta strainer that clips onto your pot. It comes in four different colors and can easily be adjusted to fit pots and pans of any size. "I absolutely LOVE this strainer,” one reviewer wrote. “I have been wanting this ever since I saw it on a YouTube channel I watch. I received it as a present and it is the best thing. It makes straining pasta, ground beef, ground turkey, [or] anything so much easier and I love how much room I save when I put it in the dishwasher. I also like how it clips to the edge of any of my pots and stays put.” Another reviewer believed this strainer was “worth every penny.”
Available in over 20 different colors, these insulated tumblers keep your drinks hot for up to six hours and cold for 12. "These are awesome. I’ve been looking for some like this for years and could never find the right set, until now. They are cheap and [of] fantastic quality…I really love them. Best buy in ages.” You can get them in stemless or tumbler-form, and they’re also shatterproof, making them safe to use anywhere.
Investing in a quality hair brush is a must. This unique detangling brush has flexible bristles and works wonders for getting out knots. "As soon as I took this out of the box I used it on my fine curly hair. Starting at the ends and working toward my scalp. It was like magic! Best brush I have ever used. I have mostly used a wide-toothed comb in the past. I really appreciated the feel of the bristles on my scalp too. This brush was very comfortable in the hand, it is shaped perfectly,” one reviewer said. This brush is good to use on both wet and dry hair.
Scoring an impressive 4.8-star rating, this stainless steel set includes 12 measuring cups and spoons. They’re kitchen essentials, to say the least. "These are my new favorite measuring cups and spoons! I love them,” one reviewer praised. “They are sturdy and clean great in the dishwasher. I love how it gives the metric and US measuring amounts. Also, [I] love how on the measuring cups, it shows more than one measurement. These are just the best!" If 12 isn’t enough, you can also buy a 15-piece set.
Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen needs this splatter guard. It prevents hot oil from splashing and also keeps your stove and counter clean. One five-star reviewer wrote, "This incredibly simple product is one of the best purchases I’ve made in recent months. As the one who cleans the kitchen AND does a lot of the cooking, I know how much of a mess grease spatter will make. This product makes it so much better.” This screen comes in four sizes, so you can make sure it’ll work with the pots and pans you already own.
Instead of wasting tin foil and parchment paper, give these reusable baking sheets a go. You can snag them in all different sizes and they are made with a nonstick material that can easily be washed in the dishwasher. With these sheets in place, you’ll no longer have to worry about adding extra butter and oils to your baking pan. One reviewer said, "One of the best investments I’ve made in a long time! I love the different sizes and the color coding of each mat. It’s easy to give directions to little hands when they can see the colors! Simply wipe clean in between batches and you’re back in business. I’d highly recommend"
This scalp massager has many benefits. Not only does it promote hair growth, but it also works to help control dandruff. “The brush is both sturdy and gentle enough to break up the junk on my scalp without damage. And it makes suds like no other!” wrote one reviewer. “Also, my hands cramp and tired easily and the handle on this one [is] the best because I don’t have to do any gripping on clasping. Very comfortable.” You can use these wet or dry, and they also come in a two-pack.
This versatile kitchen gadget is essential for chopping, mixing, and mashing potatoes or meat. It’s made from heat-resistant plastic that can face up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. "This is absolutely one of the best purchases for my kitchen! This chops the meat up in your skillet in no time. Perfect every single time. Meat also browns up and cooks faster because it’s been chopped up. Very easy to clean whether you hand wash or rinse and put in the dishwasher,” one review claimed.
If you’re looking for a product that will leave your hair soft and shiny, look no further. This leave-in conditioner spray is formulated from extra virgin coconut and works to hydrate your hair while taming frizz. "Best hair care product I’ve ever used!” stated one reviewer. “I used to have issues with my hair getting that greasy feeling the day after showering and would wash my hair daily(not great for your hair) since I’ve been using this leave-in treatment my hair is soft for days and smells amazing! I can’t leave the bathroom after a shower without brushing this in first or I can TELL THE DIFFERENCE. This is my only daily treatment aside from shampoo/conditioner."
Available in four different sizes, this stainless steel dish drying rack conveniently sits over the sink, taking up zero counter space. But while it’s small, it’s also mighty, with the ability to hold up to 33 pounds. A five-star reviewer wrote, "We used to stack our dishes on a towel, which always ended up sliding around on the counter and took up counter space, or putting them in the second sink to dry, where they didn’t dry because there was no air circulation. This rolls out over the second sink to allow dishes to drip into the sink, doesn’t move because it is slip-proof, and doesn’t take up counter space because we put it across the sink. On top of that, it folds away for easy travel. One of the best investments we’ve made."
Most of us can relate to using hair ties that ultimately lead to breakage. These thick-style bands are made from microfiber that won’t snag or bend your strands. A happy shopper wrote, "These are hands down the best hair ties I’ve ever used. Game changer. I have pretty fine hair, albeit a lot of hair. These work great for a ‘plumper’ looking pony or bun.” But the most impressive part? They can handle up to 70 pounds of pressure, meaning they’re unlikely to snap.
Perfect for organizing your makeup and jewelry, this acrylic organizer has four compartments and 12 slots, and comes with drawers for extra storage. One reviewer said, "I am so glad I ordered it! It looks classy and holds so much more than I expected! I have a vanity area just for makeup, hair products, and all things girly so I never noticed how unorganized everything was until this came in the mail. Once I got all my makeup in it, I was inspired and completely redid my vanity. Honestly the best purchase I have made in a long time!" You can order yours in either pink or black.
Dealing with unwanted pet fur and shedding is one of the most inconvenient parts of being a pet owner. This seat protector is amazing for keeping your pup safe and your car clean. A five-star reviewer explained, "This is one of the best investments I made when I got a dog. and it has really [shown] its value today because last night I left the windows open in my car, and we had two thunderstorms pass through. The top layer of the cover was soaked. The seats? Dry as a bone." What more could you ask for?
This coffee maker is incredible for anyone who loves slow-drip coffee. It’s made from stainless steel and doesn’t use single-use paper filters, saving you money and waste. A five-star reviewer wrote, "I love this thing,” adding that “it’s the best way to make coffee, definitely brings out the flavor and fills the room with the smell of fresh coffee. Love how I can use this as decor for my drink station."
Every home needs a set of powerful flashlights to have on hand in case of emergencies. Not only are these water-resistant, but they are strong enough for outdoor use. "I love that there is a clip and a hand loop for easy carrying and usage. I have children and they have tried using the light as well. Simple to use and doesn’t break on impact from dropping or shaking. Hands down best flashlights I could have ordered and have shipped to me." It’s important to note that these come with battery holders, but batteries aren’t included.
This popular pet hair remover has a 4.6-star rating and over 100,000 five-star reviews. It easily rids furniture and clothes of unwanted pet hair without using frustrating adhesive tape, like a lot of its competitors. It’s such an asset that people are literally telling their friends about it, as one reviewer revealed. "I heard about this from my friend but did not think it would work as well as she claimed,” they wrote. “I have a small short-haired dog and his hairs stick and thread into everything. I have lint rollers all over the house for my clothes and furniture. This is the best and easiest device I have found for this purpose.”
Easily secure your phone to your car with this magnetic holder that mounts to the dashboard, making travel easier. It’s compatible with most iPhones and Samsung models. "I’ve tried over a dozen other cell phone holders and this is the best so far,” a reviewer wrote. “The ‘winglets’ on the clamp are a great design idea. I had a similarly designed holder and the weight of the phone would cause the air vent to tilt down, forcing the air downward. This design holds the vent in a straight-out orientation,” they added.
This handy over-the-door organizer is a savior for organizing handbags or scarves while taking up a bare minimum of space. It has six slots with clear plastic so you can see exactly what you have. A reviewer wrote, "This is by far one of the best purchases I’ve made. The back of my door holds all of my purses two hoodies and a couple of scarves. Prior to this product, everything was all out of sorts, a massive mess where I couldn’t even open the door all the way because of the bulk. It took me all of about five minutes to get it out of the bag, on the door, and my purses I put away. I am very happy to report my door now opens all the way." You can get it in three colors, and two organizers come per pack.
For less than $20, you can score a 20-pack of reusable makeup pads, instead of constantly having to buy single-use wipes. Designed to last, these pads will reduce waste and even come with their own laundering bag to make the process even easier. One reviewer wrote, "Best face and eye pads ever. Really soft and washable. They can be washed in a mesh bag in the washer or swished around the sink with a small amount of laundry soap."
This laptop and tablet stand is adjustable and works both vertically and horizontally. One reviewer even called it “the best $20 I’ve spent in years,” explaining that it’s been a big help at their restaurant. “We needed something small that didn’t take up much space on the host stand and it was sturdy/heavy enough to not knock over and it could be adjusted/tilted to avoid glare and accommodate staff’s different heights and eye levels. This was perfect!" It’s made from alloy steel material and has rubber pads on it to help prevent it from slipping and sliding.
For anyone who meal preps or loves to bake, this food kitchen scale is a must-have for accuracy. "Absolutely love this product! It is by far the best scale I’ve used,” stated one reviewer. “The weight is accurate from what I have weighed on it compared to what the product says it weighs. Its stainless top is easy to clean and is very simple to use. Would absolutely recommend." You can get yours in either medium or large and in one of five colors, including a gorgeous mint green.
The most unique thing about this pepper grinder is that you can adjust the grind size from fine to coarse. It also comes pre-filled, which is a major bonus. One reviewer wrote, "This is easily the best pepper mill that I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a couple that cost [three to four] times the price of this one. It’s easy for old arthritic hands to twist, grinds to the requested size, and looks great. It doesn’t hurt that the included peppercorns are tasty." With a 4.7 out of five-star rating, you know it won’t disappoint.
Organizing your fridge is an essential task for maintaining your kitchen. These clear plastic bins allow you to see everything you have stocked more clearly, making life easier when it comes to food shopping and cooking. They come in a set between four and 16 and are dishwasher safe. One five-star reviewer said, “These are amazing and strong. The Whirlpool fridge I have now doesn’t have the best storage compartments and things easily slide around. These fixed that issue for me. I will purchase another set."
In just four easy steps, you can make the breakfast of your dreams with this sandwich maker. It comes with over 25 recipes for mastering the perfect breakfast sandwich and is totally dishwasher-safe. A five-star reviewer said, "I was expecting to be disappointed after a few uses. But this has been a game changer for our morning breakfasts. Quick, easy to use, and super easy to clean. This has been the best money I have spent in a LONG time." As an added bonus, it comes in fun colors like coral and mint.
If you’re looking to elevate your home, these smart plugs will instantly upgrade your home due to their fancy tech features. You can conveniently control appliances from anywhere in your home with Alexa or Google Home. And, setting them up is as simple as can be. "These mini plugs are the best around,” a reviewer wrote. “Easy to set up with the Kasa app. Works with Alexa. Control with your phone anywhere, can set up daily or weekly schedules, Great to give your home the occupied look by turning on your lights when away."
This vegetable chopper has four interchangeable blades that work for dicing small or large-sized produce. It also works for spiralizing and ribboning zucchini. One happy customer wrote, "This is the absolute BEST vegetable chopper I have ever had. It is easy to use, and it chops the vegetables into small and equally sized chunks, which makes it perfect for salads, or combining and grilling in a stovetop pan.” That reviewer isn’t alone, as this chopper has racked up a 4.6-star rating and has a best-seller stamp of approval.
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