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Despite Lady Gaga‘s remarkable ability to keep her makeup in place through egg entrances, hourlong film production shoots, and a considerable chunk of time spent dangling 30 feet in the air during those two-hour Chromatica Ball performances, up until now, the multihyphenate star had yet to launch a foundation under her recently revamped beauty brand, Haus Laboratories. Perhaps it’s because foundation is, objectively, one of the harder cosmetics categories to pull off.
Still, it was one Gaga was determined to get right: using what she knows about makeup — and that is a lot, she once told POPSUGAR, at least when it comes to the red carpet or on stage — the Haus Labs team created the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation. With 51 shades and a medium- to full-coverage finish, it promises to be everything you’d expect from a “Rain on Me” bop: it is not too heavy, will stay put through a downpour, and is made for just about everybody(‘s individual skin tone). It’s also widely available, only in this case at 480 Sephora stores instead of on the radio.

Image Source: Haus Labs
As for the formula itself, the Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Foundation is packed with a handful of skin-soothing ingredients, including fermented arnica to minimize redness and a proprietary blend of antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental aggressors. You can feel good about its packaging, too; the foundation is housed in a recyclable glass bottle with labels printed on paper sourced from sustainably harvested forests.
But the best way to truly see if this latest addition to the celebrity beauty brand market lives up to the hype is to put it to the test, so we asked four POPSUGAR editors across various skin tones and types to take the foundation for a spin. Keep reading to see who did (and didn’t) sing its praises.
Shade: Haus Labs Skin Tech Foundation in 425 Medium Deep Neutral ($45)
Review: “This foundation surprised me in the best way. I’m someone who considers themselves an ‘in-betweener’ when it comes to complexion shades. I’m often relegated to mixing foundations or forgoing base products altogether because my undertones are hard to get right. This foundation, while a bit dark overall, matched my skin tone perfectly, so while I was given a slight tan upon application, a few swipes of a brightening concealer fixed the color immediately. I also experience acne, so I like for my complexion products to have a bit of coverage, particularly in the cooler months. This formula covered my acne marks and scars with ease and didn’t feel heavy or cakey throughout the day. Excuse me if it’s too early to proclaim, but I may have just found my new holy-grail foundation.” — Ariel Baker, assistant beauty editor
Shade: Haus Labs Skin Tech Foundation in 100 Light Neutral ($45)
Review: “When I say I’m particular about foundation, I mean I’ve been wearing the same one since 2018 despite trying what feels like 2,803 options on the market. This is all to say: I’m not easy to please, and there were some definite wins when it came to this product. For one, it felt lightweight going on, was easy to blend, and didn’t budge an inch once I set it with powder. On the other hand, I have combination skin, and I did notice that it settled into a few dry patches on my face. Still, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with normal or oily skin looking for a fuller-coverage foundation with a lightweight feel.” — Kelsey Castañon, beauty director
Shade: Haus Labs Skin Tech Foundation in 385 Medium Neutral ($45)
Review: “The particular foundation shade I tried was a little darker for my complexion than I would have normally liked, but I was able to make it work with a brighter concealer. The formula itself is on the fuller-coverage side, but it’s lightweight and buildable as well. I was shocked I only needed one pump and a half of the liquid for my whole face for a decent amount of coverage, so much so that I barely needed to use any concealer afterward. I loved that the foundation felt lightweight and moved with my skin, even in humidity and heat, and has a beautiful, skin-like radiance that gives a more natural look. I would consider it a great everyday option, whether it’s for a casual hang or a formal event.” — Anvita Reddy, assistant commerce editor
Shade: Haus Labs Skin Tech Foundation in 560 Deep Neutral ($45)
Review: “A few dabs of this foundation will go a long way, which is just how I like my makeup to be. It provides ample coverage and blends well with all my other products (i.e., concealer and blush). While I liked the smooth and weightless texture at first, after a few days of wearing it, my skin unfortunately started to break out into tiny pimples along my cheeks. This is probably because I am particularly sensitive to makeup and rarely ever break away from my tried-and-tested rotation. So while it will not replace my current base makeup, it may work for a different type of skin; it was easy to apply and lasted the whole day.” — Shelcy Joseph, associate fashion editor
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