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As 2022 comes to an end, I’d definitely love to take a closer look and reflect on the year in more than one way. In the last 12 months, the shopping marketplace has been flourishing with trending products. From new hairstylers to skin innovations like water bank technology, 2022 gave us some of the best beauty products that will definitely be on our shelves in 2023 as well. While there was a hype with celebrity beauty launches, we also saw plenty of buzz by minimalistic brands. From more sustainable approaches to larger colour ranges, we definitely had many more options in skin, hair and makeup this year and here are some of our personal favourites that we tried.
Hands down, one of the most hydrating creams that I used this year! Laneige’s water bank cream is infused with the goodness of hyaluronic acid that instantly helps in dealing with dryness and soothes the skin. It gives your skin a very plump and supple texture. This gel-like moisturiser is perfect to quench dry skin and give a very refreshing tone.


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A super smooth roll-on eye serum is just what we need to deal with dark circles and puffiness. This rejuvenating eye serum is literally on my must-have list. Apart from dealing with puffiness, it also helps soothe anxiety and tension around the under-eye area.
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When it comes to cleansers, I have a long list of good ones to recommend but so far, this has been one of the best picks of the year. Soft and smooth skin is a dream come true and this cleanser is perfect to serve the purpose. Enriched with the goodness of squalane, this cleanser is perfect to hydrate your skin and clear it deeply. It has a balm-like consistency which, when rubbed for 20-30 seconds, turns to a clear oil-like consistency.
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A multi-styler is the solution to your every hair care worry. This happens to be one of the best; among many, additions to my beauty routine. With less heat technology, Dyson's multi-styler has been a true game changer. It curls, shapes, smooths, and hides flyaways with no extreme heat. Plus, it's re-engineered barrels now curl in both directions.
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Infused with the goodness of glycolic acid, which is the lightest AHA molecule, this serum is literally my top solution to deal with dark spots. It works flawlessly on the skin and makes it clear and even.
Here's another pick from The Ordinary that is an absolute favourite! This hyaluronic serum is just what your skin needs for deep hydration and nourishment. A week into using this and your skin will definitely feel a change. It has a super lightweight formulation which makes application easy.
This scalp stimulating serum from Juicy Chemistry is just another amazing essential I tried in 2022. It is formulated to activate the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle and prevent hair loss. Apart from dealing with hair loss, it also helps with good blood circulation.
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My night care routine isn't the same with this moisturiser from Nykaa, it's even better! Hydration is just what your skin needs, and this moisturiser is perfect to do the same. It delivers intense hydration with 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid that targets concerns like dehydration and ageing skin.
Leave-in conditioners have been a beauty staple for me recently and this one from Anomaly has a spot in my repertoire too! Moisture is something that our tresses need and this one helps in sealing hydration in perfectly and also detangling it, making them more manageable.
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A new brand that was launched this year, Ayuga has been a surprisingly staple in my kit with this face cleanser. With the goodness of sandalwood and turmeric, this cleanser helps in dealing with tanned skin. It might have a very slight tingly sensation at first but the result makes it worth it.
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Treat your body to a moisturizing experience with this wild pine body lotion-to-oil. It tends to keep your skin moisturised for long hours. It makes your skin super soft and smooth.
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This serum from Acnesquad is truly my go-to serum to deal with post acne spots. You can literally notice the difference within 7-8 days and the course continues up to 2-3 weeks depending on your skin type. It helps in also reducing pigmentation.
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