'Look younger by tomorrow': Unbelievably fresh-faced 50-year-old's two skincare secrets – Express

Aimee Montgomery and a woman applying skincare
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TikTok content creator Aimee Montgomery is a digital marketing strategy expert who also shares her beauty tips on the platform after users were wowed by her incredibly youthful appearance.
The 50-year-old, who has 95K followers on her TikTok account @aimee_montgomery, could be easily mistaken for being in her early 30s. So how exactly does she achieve this?
Aimee shared two “secrets to look younger” and her advice “as to how you can actually make yourself look younger by tomorrow”. She said: “I’m going to give you a couple of tips.”
She suggested a facial routine, and said: “Now, it’s kind of nice to do this on a weekend where you don’t have to go and put makeup on and all that kind of stuff.”
The routine comes in a number of steps. “So number one,” Aimee said, “you want to get vitamin E liquid. So this is a trick that was passed down from generation to generation in my family.
READ MORE: ‘Anti-ageing’ eyebrow trick will make ‘fine lines, crows feet and bags less noticeable’Aimee Montgomery“My grandmother swore by it, my mother swore by it. When you put Vitamin E on your skin, what it does overnight is it fills all your wrinkles.
“And so if you’re feeling like your skin’s a little bit tired, it needs a little bit more life to it. Vitamin E is also really good to reverse sun damage.”
She added: “And when you put this the vitamin E stuff on, you can even put like a mask over it like like I use like a Vaseline that will kind of you know really make sure that you soak it all up in your skin.”
The second tip is easy, and even better, it’s free. Aimee said: “Number two is going to be to drink a tonne of water because that’s going to fill out your skin as well. Those are some of my secrets.”
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Topical vitamin e makes a great moisturiser for dry skin in particular. It helps stop the skin from losing moisture and softens the skin.
Vitamin E supplements or eating vitamin E rich food provides skin benefits, as well as applying it topically. Some studies have suggested this could help protect against sun damage. It is always important to wear a sunscreen.Aimee MontgomeryThese are the top-rated products containing vitamin E on LookFantastic according to customer reviews.
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