Kylie Jenner shows off much smaller lips in new makeup tutorial video – The US Sun

KYLIE Jenner has shown off her noticeably smaller lips in the latest video that she's put on social media.
The 25-year-old Hulu star's pout appeared more on the petite side in the newest makeup tutorial video that she posted to Instagram.
Kylie's clip served as both a lip tutorial for those novice at putting on their makeup and as promotion for her Kylie Cosmetics online sale.
The mother-of-two pressed fans to visit her brand's website to purchase her products since they were all 25% off as a part of an "end of year sale."
"Shop our sitewide 25% off end of year sale now and stock up on faves for your 2023 lip combos!," Kylie captioned.
She added a smiley face and lipstick emoji as well as hashtags for Kylie Cosmetics, lip-combo, and sale towards the end of the caption.
Many fans praised the Kylie Cosmetics founder's video and complimented her on the quality of her cosmetic products.
One fan raved: "I don't care how much this lip kit [s] cost, because they're the best lip products ever… I really love every product from this brand."
Another fan celebrated: "Kylie is the lip queen. Best application ever," referencing the lip tutorial clip they commented under.
A third complimented: "Omg Kylie slayed on this, this is so fire," and many others left the reality star heart emojis.
The way that Kylie's lips looked in the aforementioned clip is a far-cry from the pumped up pout she appeared to have in her TikTok video from last week.
In the video she stood in her bathroom as she pushed out her huge lips, winked and then smiled as she flexed her bust in a sexy black bra.
Kylie paired the lingerie with gray sweatpants and she wore her hair up in a ponytail.
At first Kyle lip-synched, but after moment she turned the camera horizontally and gave a serious stare.
While many TikTok users complimented in the comments, fans on Reddit couldn't help but point out her lips.
One Kardashian fan wrote: "I hate the beef lips trend so much."
To that, another platform user asked: "What is the beef lips trend?"
The original commenter replied: "Where you apply brown lipstick or lip liner around your lips but leave the middle pink, like a nice medium rare beef steak is supposed to look like when you cut it."
"Her lips are ridiculous," said another fan.
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