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A HOOTERS girl has revealed the different types of customer reactions she's noticed when they see the "please wait to be seated" sign – and four of them are pretty rude.
Charli goes by the username @glitterzbarbie on TikTok and regularly shares insider insights from her job at Hooters with over 170,000 followers.
She recently shared a video describing how different kinds of customers that walk into the restaurant she works at act when they see the sign that instructs them that they'll have to wait for service.
The 20-year-old Hooters girl captioned the video, which has been viewed more than 52,000 times, telling viewers who may dine at Hooters: "Please just don't seat yourself."
The video starts with Charli holding the Hooters sign that asks those dining to wait and smiling with on-screen text that says: "Types of customers when they see our 'please wait to be seated' sign."
In demonstrating how some customers just walk right past the sign, she didn't even look at the sign as she walked through the video with a straight face.
For one of the customer reactions she depicted, the Hooters girl acted as someone who walks in, looks at the sign and immediately gets upset that they have to wait for service.
She saw the sign and, in character, proceeded to roll her eyes and cross her arms to illustrate how someone may react when upset.
The customer that Charli labeled as the one that 'seats themselves anyway' was another regular occurrence at the restaurant.
In the video, Charli acted out the scenario by looking at her wrist as if she was looking at a watch.
She then rolls her eyes and continues to walk past the sign.
Charli then presented herself as a customer who stands next to the sign while snapping and yelling to get the host's attention.
She can be seen mouthing the phrase "excuse me" in an increasingly aggressive way.
Finally, Carli described the patient waiting customer that a Hooters host appreciates
Some others online empathized with Charli as fellow hosts.
"People really make me hate being a hooters host sometimes," someone commented.
Another person said: "As a 15 y/o hostess making less than min wage on weeknights — you can wait 2 mins."
"Girl my hooters store completely ignores people who seat themselves," some other Hooters girl chimed in.
"I would tell the people to get back up if they seated themselves," Someone else commented.
They added: "Take them to the sign [and] ask if they can read or need a pair of glasses or eye exam."
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