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Is it just us, or have TikTok makeup hacks really stepped up their game recently?
Long gone are the ridiculous at best and bizarre at worst beauty trends that had us staring in shock at our screens. Instead, we gratefully accept minimalistic beauty trends as the industry seems to be moving toward a more positive space where makeup lovers don't have to transform their entire faces and hide their imperfections but instead focus on enhancing our best features without taking away from the realness of each individual.
One particular trend that has been doing the rounds for the past few weeks is “underpainting” – a technique that involves using your makeup products, well, inside out, if you will. And the results are a stunningly snatched and naturally contoured face that looks anything but fake and cakey.
"Underpainting" is TikTok's latest makeup obsession popularised by celebrity makeup artists like Scott Barnes and Mario Dedivanovic. This technique aims to create a luminous, natural complexion that looks gorgeous in photos and real life. With a few simple products and brush swirls, you can achieve that perfect, natural-but-better makeup look that's suitable for any occasion, be it a professional event or weekend brunch.
With underpainting gaining popularity on social media, more and more makeup users are experimenting with this technique. To help you create this stunningly natural look, here's our quick guide:
The first thing you want to start with is applying concealer in areas where you wish for slightly fuller coverage without compromising the final result. Stick to one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, and apply a thin layer of the product under the eyes, the eyelids, and any blemishes you want to hide. Keep a light touch and gently buff the product with a dense brush or a damp beauty blender to avoid harsh lines and inconsistencies.
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Next, you want to strategically place your contour and blush to add definition and warm up your complexion.
For contour, pick a cream or liquid formula in a few shades darker than your skin tone and apply it to the hollows of your cheeks, temples, and the top of your forehead if you want to create the illusion of a smaller forehead.
For blush, opt for a gentle, creamy formula and give the apples of your cheeks, cheekbones, and nose bridge an extra pick-me-up color. This placement will create a subtle flush that looks natural and enhances your complexion with a healthy radiance.
Once you're happy with the color placement, use a foundation brush or a damp beauty blender and very gently blend or pat the makeup to soften everything and make it look more natural. However, since you still want some of that color to show from under your complexion product, make sure not to blend everything away.
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Once you're happy with the color placement, it's time to add some subtle highlights to your complexion. Pick a creamy or liquid highlight with a champagne or rosy hue, and apply it to places where the light would reflect against your face. This includes the cheekbones, temples, under brows, inner corners of the eyes, bridge of your nose, and cupid's bow. Lightly blend its intensity with your finger for a natural or "barely there" look and not one that's overdone and fake.
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After concealing and highlighting, it's time to apply your foundation. Since this technique is all about creating a natural, luminous finish, use a minimal-coverage foundation rather than a full-coverage one, and apply a light layer of product all over your face.
Applying the smallest amount of product will provide the tiniest bit of coverage and give you an idea of whether you need to add a bit more or not. Remember, you can always add more but cannot remove, so keep a light hand when it comes to the foundation, as this will determine the whole look.
Once the foundation is on, use a damp beauty blender or brush to blend it into your skin, and use light patting motions for a seamless finish.
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Finally, when ready with all the cream-based or liquid complexion products, use the tiniest bit of translucent powder and lightly dust it over your face. Apply just enough powder to set the makeup on the most critical zones, like the forehead, nose, and chin, in place and help the makeup stay put all day long without looking greasy or cakey.
If you need to touch up at some point throughout the day, make sure to use blotting paper to remove the superficial oil first, and dust another light layer of setting powder to refresh your look.
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And voilà! You just created a snatched look that looks natural, glowing, and effortlessly beautiful. Excellent for anyone who loves minimalistic makeup looks that enhance the features rather than aggressively hiding imperfections, underpainting is sure to become one of your favorite go-to techniques once you try it. And who doesn't want to look well put-together in just a few easy steps?
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