15 Twiggy Hairstyles You Can Try Today


British model Dame Lesley Lawson rose to fame in the ’60s and ’70s. Better known as Twiggy, she made short androgynous hair famous and started the “Twiggy hairstyle” trend. Ok, here’s what happened! Acclaimed photographer Barry Lategan launched Twiggy’s modeling career with an iconic photo of her cropped blond pixie hair. As a result, short hairstyles are called twiggy hairdos because of that iconic image! Scroll down to see some incredible short hairstyles to support the slimming trend!

before the start

  • The wispy hairstyle was originally a classic pixie that enhanced Mrs. Leslie Lawson’s pixie features. You can adapt Twiggy to your face shape by:
    round: The cut with volume at the crown or cheekbones comes with side-swept bangs.
    square: The layered cut has a messy effect, balancing out the sharp angles of the forehead and jaw.
    Oval: Almost everything looks good on an oval face. However, avoid incisions that elongate the face.
    rectangle: A wide cut with blunt edges rounds out the length of the face.
  • Maintaining these styles requires regular pruning. Both bobs and pixies need trimming every 2-3 weeks. However, a shaggy cut takes 4-6 weeks and an asymmetrical cut takes 6-7 weeks.
  • A texturizing spray helps add movement and glamor to these styles. Spray them on damp (not wet) hair from arm’s length. When sprayed on, use a styling comb or rub in with fingers to achieve desired style.

interesting fact

Lady Lesley Lawson didn’t initially want the trendy pixie cut. She revealed on the podcast that she had visited an upscale salon in Mayfair to buy shampoo and kits. The stylist asked for a short haircut, which she was too embarrassed to refuse because it was so luxurious. The rest is history.

Twiggy Hairstyles – Top 15:

1. Messy Pixie

Sharon Stone rocks this versatile hairstyle with confidence. She combed her hair to the front to frame her face for a more feminine look. All you need to recreate this simple look is a good quality hairspray.

2. Long Undercut Pixie

No one loves this edgy hairstyle more than Miley Cyrus. However, pastel or platinum highlights require quite a bit of styling, time, and maintenance. To shorten your styling time, use a quality color spray while parting bangs with your fingers to create this bold look.

3. Pointy Elf

Iman rocks this edgy hairstyle gracefully. The pointed toe and turned-out ends accentuate one’s facial features, making them ideal for a variety of face shapes. Spray some hairspray on the layers and bangs to achieve this effect.

4. Slanted Bob

Halle Berry has always had great taste in style, and she chose a hairstyle that showed off her gorgeous cheekbones. This time was no exception, as she gracefully rocked this fantastic jaw-length angled bob. You can use a heat styling tool to straighten side bangs. Spread multiple layers all over your bob for a flirty look. Finally, apply an anti-frizz serum and sea salt spray to detangle your hair like she did.

5. Short shag

Why not give a stubby a chance like Jessica Alba did on the red carpet? The layers soften your facial features and draw attention to any situation. Recreate this look with a curling iron and texturizing spray for volume. Blow-dry hair for a messy, shaggy look.

6. Sprite cropping:

Actress Natalie Portman is no stranger to the eccentric, short hairhere, she sports a carefree, tousled pixie hairstyle for her unique look. Mimic Natalie’s boyish style, spray-wet hair with styling spray and roughly blow-dry for an unfinished look.

7. Sprite clipping:

Embrace that mature crop stage with ease, harry potter Actress Emma Watson looks stunning in a simple, sophisticated side part. To recreate style, use volumizing spray, then finger-dry hair from back to front, and once hair is almost dry, brush ends with a round brush.

StyleCraze says

Long layered pixies are perfect for fine hair. On the other hand, choppy layers will flatter thick hair. Ask your stylist for a custom cut based on your face and head shape.

8. Short Bob:

When it comes to her hairstyles, Keira Knightley has never been shy about taking risks. Straight, side parted and cut to roughly the same length, Anna Karenina The actress totally pulled off the girl-next-door look with this gorgeous bob. The perfect combination of classic and chic.

9. Short Bob with Bangs:

this is usually not short bob Bangs were considered a versatile style, but that was before Katie Holmes made it her signature look. This hairstyle with short back and long front is very versatile and can be adjusted at will for any occasion. Side-part fringe adds mystery to her style and gracefully softens the features.

10. Mini Mohawk:

If you thought there was only one way to wear a pixie, think again! Miley Cyrus’s mini mohawk fit her boyish and edgy look, and the spiked tops added a touch of glamour. If you’re brave enough to cut your hair, style it in a Mohawk style, and experiment with radical color changes, find a hairdresser you trust, and do it!

11. Romantic Bob:

We can’t get enough of Carey Mulligan’s wavy bob. This romantic and unstructured hairstyle for thick hair works especially well with wavy hair. Whimsical and chic, this low-maintenance and effortlessly stylish hairstyle adds an offbeat edge to your look while remaining feminine.

12. Messy Pixie Cut:

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin and How Cute She Is Together Short Layered Pixie Cut? Keeping it natural, Goodwin opted for a very simple pixie cut, complemented by side layered fringe. For a drab look like Ginnifer’s, spritz your fingers with hairspray, then smooth product into sections for added definition. The result is a gorgeous no-fuss look.

13. Grown up pixie:

Amelie actress Audrey Tautou looked stunning in her pixie hair a little grown out and tucked up. This wispy bob has the perfect retro vibe with fresh modern appeal.To recreate this Audrey Hepburn-inspired look, use a texture gel wet hair And touch up the piece with a curling iron for a polished yet effortlessly messy look.

14. Side Parted Blonde Bob:

Michelle Williams is the epitome of head-to-toe chic style. Since cutting off her long hair in tribute to her late ex-fiancé, actor Heath Ledger, Michelle has been growing her hair short and briefly sporting a blond pixie cut. Very flattering, this fine style is easy to manage with just a little hairspray or anti-frizz serum.

15. Neat Pixie Crop:

Anne Hathaway’s super short pixie cut framed her face perfectly. A boyish but delicate ‘do can also be surprisingly feminine and is perfect for oval, square and heart-shaped faces. Quick and easy to style, this cropped style is perfect for the woman who is always on the go.

Did you know Twiggy retired just four years after her first modeling year? Instead, she went on to become a famous stage and film actress. The ’60s icon popularized short unisex haircuts that are still in vogue today. They’re not just about style, they can be used to make a statement. These short hairstyles can easily be paired with any outfit for any occasion. They make hair maintenance a dream! From pixie cuts to neat pixie cuts, these hairstyles are chic and timeless. So, if you want to cut your hair off, a sprig hairstyle is for you!

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