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Dear Heloise: I love it when my closet and drawers smell nice, and I’ve discovered that several of my friends feel the same way. I make my own sachet packets to use and give away. You don’t need a sewing machine; you can sew this by hand. All you need is two 6-by-6-inch squares (or any shape) of a pretty fabric, a needle and thread. Sew the fabric inside out on three of the sides and about halfway across the top. You’ll need to leave a small opening at the top to stuff perfumed cotton balls inside. Then close it by hand, or use a sewing machine if you have one. I usually sew lace around the edges or decorate a patterned fabric with beads or sequins. This past holiday season, I sold about 62 of these sachets at a crafts fair.
It’s a great way to make extra money and a nice little gift for anyone. — Dorie M., Atlanta
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Dear Heloise: So many women make mistakes with their skin because no one tells them about some of the little things they can do to help their skin stay healthy:
— If you’re not taking a multi-vitamin, now might be a good time to start. Ask your doctor to recommend a brand they think is best for you.
— After washing off your makeup, apply a moisturizer on your face and neck.
— Don’t wear perfume if you know you’ll be exposed to the sun for a long period. It can cause spot burning.
— If your makeup is more than a year old, throw it out. Bacteria is growing on all of your skin-care products.
— Use sun block religiously! That includes on your nails.
— Drink lots of fresh, clear water. Tap water is usually just fine. You don’t need expensive bottled water.
— Wash your face when you get up in the morning and at night before you go to bed. — A Reader, via email
Dear Heloise: My cat is old and had a difficult time bending over to eat from her bowl. So I went online and found this plastic shelf that you stack dishes on. It was about 5 or 6 inches high. I placed her food and water bowl on this rack, and she began eating more. However, while I waited for the little shelf to arrive, I used stacked books and a box to elevate her dishes. There is also less of a mess, since it’s much easier for her to eat her food. — Andrea E., San Antonio
Andrea, that’s a great idea. Many vets now recommend raising a dog or cat’s food bowls to make it easier for pets to get their food and water. — Heloise
Dear Heloise: If someone is driving with a dog, the dog really should be strapped in with a seat belt or some kind of animal restraint to make sure that they don’t go flying off the seat during a sudden stop or an accident. Pet stores and several online retailers sell these things.
Remember, pets can, and sometimes do, get hurt in an accident or during a sudden stop. — Ava T., Hillsdale, Oklahoma

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