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By Barry Nicolaou
As we close off 2022, we may find mental health strategies that worked and some that were a complete disaster.
Below are five radical self-care tips I’ve embraced as we navigate a new world underpinned by growing social media influence, complex personal relationships and business or job choices into 2023. 
These tips may assist you (as they’ve assisted me) to curb the need for external validation and co-dependence while embracing a new feeling of self-worth and self-reliance. 
Radical self-care begins with knowing that only you know if you have capacity to do something. Getting better at saying no (hopefully without needing explanations) is a mental health strategy that can assist you recharge, repair and reset your mental state to keep being of value. 
Despite many cultures, traditions and family dynamics insisting they know what’s best – no one actually is you, but you. Take advice from trusted sources but once you’ve made a decision – go with it and see where it leads. 
I often feel I inherited a predisposition to worry. I’ve since attempted to recognise this worry and identify things that are out of my control and place the energy into forward moving projects I can control.
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Most of us have heard of the renewed call of kindness in the world. What’s not so much mentioned is being kind to self. That means forgiving yourself first, so you can then give it away to others as a genuine act of love. It’s difficult to keep giving away an attribute you feel unworthy of yourself. 
All of us will need assistance at some point in our lives. When we pray and ask for assistance, don’t close off to thinking it must happen the way you think it should. Take the assistance and blessing the way it comes. 
While we don’t know what 2023 will bring us in terms of challenges, the best thing we can do is fortify our belief in ourselves, our loyalty to what matters most and the courage to make personal decisions that best align with our chosen direction. 
Stay healthy but more importantly, stay inspired. 
Barry Nicolaou has a new book coming out Move The Mountain on 7 February, 2023.
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