New year, new you: Fitness tips for 2023 – FOX 5 DC

If you're looking to get into better shape in 2023, FOX 5 spoke with personal trainers and fitness experts across the DMV for tips, tricks and workouts to add to your routine. 
FOX 5's Erin Como met with Faris Khan and Elise Harris for new exercises to work the arms and lower body. 
Elite Performance Coach Faris Khan and nutrition, health and wellness coach Elise Harris joined FOX 5’s Erin Como for an upper body and lower body workout.
Joanne Briggs from Onelife Fitness demonstrated how to work out your entire body using a kettlebell.
Joanne Briggs from Onelife Fitness walked FOX 5’s Erin Como through a total body kettlebell workout.
It's vital to work out your core group muscles, and Erin Como's very own personal trainer Bruce Angel showed how to do his favorite core strengthening exercises. 
Erin Como’s personal trainer Bruce Angel shows how to workout your core muscles.

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