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Your cosmetic collection is incomplete if you do not own a perfume that delivers a soothing and attractive fragrance. Having said that, you need to be careful of which perfume you are using. In the past, men and women could have used the same fragrances, however, today, perfumes have evolved, and we find perfumes dedicated mainly to men and women. Of course, personal favourite brands and choice of smell matter but it can be confusing to differentiate between male and female perfumes.
Explaining the same, Saurabh Gupta, MD, Vanesa Care Pvt. Ltd said, “Scientifically, there is a big difference between male and female natural essence. These natural scents get mingled with the perfume individuals put on and that creates a significant difference in the way those scents are projected. Moreover, bifurcations in perfumes that are designed for men and women separately have more to do with the notes and bases of those perfumes.”
He added, “In a more border sense, warm and musky fragrances are targeted to the male consumers whereas fruity and flowery scents are designed for females. Several companies after the success of perfume with mass appeal tend to release male and female specific versions with feminine notes aggravated or masculine scent profiles intensified, respectively.”
However, when it comes to unisex perfumes, it boils down to personal preferences as scents in general a subjective matter and there are no hard-line rules for the same. “The use case of each perfume has more to do with the weather, occasion, and even the attire this perfume is being clubbed with. Therefore, unisex perfumes leave behind the binary difference between masculine & feminine scents and tend to focus more on the performance and notes of a particular perfume,” Saurabh Gupta said.
Aditya Yadav, Brand Manager, Denver Deos, further said that men’s perfume has a masculine aromatic fragrance that creates an opulent aura of strength, masculinity, and seduction. “With dominating notes of geranium, citrus, rosemary, or cedarwood, and often subtle notes of leather, men’s perfume is inclined to stronger smells that evoke different aspects of masculinity.”
These ingredients make the perfume invigorating and sporty, distinguishing them from the fruity and flowery fragrances that are distinct in women’s perfume. From notes of leather to base notes of cedarwood or patchouli, men’s perfume has a stimulating effect on the opposite sex and is made with high notes (such as bergamot, ginger base, or citrus) to intensify the essence.
Women’s perfumes, on the other hand, Rahul Sharma, Brand Manager, Vanesa Beauty said, have a calming and soothing appeal. He added, “They consist of fruity or floral notes that make the smell pleasant and distinctive. Perfumes not only please the nasal senses but also play a significant role in accentuating one’s mood and confidence. This quality acts as an elixir in women’s perfume, allowing women to feel comfortable in their skin, encompassing all obstacles, and having the ardour and zeal to be themselves.”
“From notes of lavender, jasmine, and rose to gardenias, orange blossoms, and roses, women’s perfumes have an exquisite range of fragrances.” The kind of fragrance in perfume women would prefer depends on their personality and outlook on life really! However, the base note is always mild which distinguishes women’s perfumes from men’s perfumes.
Rishabh Srivastava, Brand Manager, Envy said, “Unisex perfumes offer us opportunities to experiment with neutral aromas and fragrances that are liked by both men and women. They are not too edgy like men’s perfumes, nor too mild. Just the perfect layering and balance that makes both genders have an affinity towards unisex perfumes. Unisex perfumes also enable men and women the freedom to choose fragrances they like.”
“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a man liking fruity fragrances or a woman preferring musk scents over floral ones. Unisex fragrances cover different notes that are aesthetically pleasing to the senses and highly sensual.”
A perfume is a personal choice and each individual has a different set of preferences. With unisex perfumes that achieve a balance between notes of leather with floral fragrances or woody notes blended with citrus, customers have the flexibility to choose fragrances that cater specifically to their senses.
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