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Osseo resident Dave Garibaldi became so concerned with the rising costs of insurance premiums that he decided to get involved in Health Care for All Minnesota to advocate for a single payer system.
“There was a need for change,” said Garibaldi.
He has been appealing to local governments that are also seeing premiums increase. He spoke to the Brooklyn Park council just this month before they passed a resolution to support universal health care.
“Local governments are strapped and local businesses are having trouble making ends meet for the same reason,” said Garibaldi.”Local governments are on the front lines of people that are dealing with affordability issues, plus they have taxpayers that want to see their taxpayer dollars used efficiently. Right now we are wasting far too much money on the cost of premiums that keep going up and up with no control of the prices that we are paying for health care.”
Garibaldi says he’s heard from mayors and council members when he’s visited councils. Besides Brooklyn Park, the cities of Osseo, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and St. Louis Park have also passed resolutions supporting the measure.
“They see this as a way to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars,” said Garibaldi. “They really want to get involved with having national and state leaders really seriously look at the single payer plan like the Minnesota state plan or the Medicare for All at the national level and see whether that would be a good fit and save the money that proponents like me say it will.”
To learn more about Health Care for All Minnesota, click here.
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