I’m 71 but people say I look like I’m in my 50’s – I swear by some unusual skincare rules… – The US Sun

YOUR skin changes a lot when you age, so it only makes sense that the way you look after it changes too.
One woman shared some of her best tips and tricks that keep her looking young.
71-year-old Pam and her 26-year-old niece Brittany took to TikTok to explain how they take care of their skin.
Although Pam admits to having some surgery over the years, including an eyelid lift and a small face lift, her youthful looks are largely thanks to her skincare routine.
Her routine starts in the morning, when she splashes her face with warm water.
She never washes her face in the morning, and neither does Brittanty.
"This preserves your natural oils, and oils are importnat for ant-ageing and wrinkle prevention," Brittany explained.
Pam "immediately" applies "lotion with retinol" after she's dried her face with a towel.
But this didn't become a part of her routine until her mid-thirties, so it's never too late to start.
"I start on my forehead, I do my cheeks, around my mouth, under my eyes, around my neck and my décolletage, and I might do it again if it doesn't feel hydrated enough.
"I do that in the morning and then at night when I was my face," Pam explained.
The skincare addict warned that retinol can be harsh on your skin if you haven't used it before, so it's best to start with a low percentage product and build up so you can get use to it.
Once your skin is used to the product you can apply more product around wrinkle prone areas, like around the mouth, Pam suggested.
Viewers were amazed by Pam's youthful looks and couldn't believe she's in her seventies.
"71!! I thought she was 57 at most," one person commented.
A second agreed: "It obviously works wonders for your aunt because she is stunning."
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