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When it comes to achieving the perfect skin, you simply cannot beat the performance of spa skincare lines. If you can’t fit spa appointments in your already-brimming calendar, or even if you’re looking to elevate your self-care routine, build your at home spa kit with these efficacious skincare goodies.
There’s truly no beating the spa-going experience. As much as you may want to visit your favourite spas regularly, a busy schedule might get in the way. However, don’t let this abstain you from pampering yourself right at home. Especially with these spa-grade (and some of them medical-grade, too) skincare products, a DIY spa day at home is totally doable—and you will even achieve some spa-level results too. Keep reading to discover our top picks.
First and foremost, all skincare products must work. But when it comes to this particular category, you may want to look into more advanced formulas, professional-strength potency, or even patented technology.
You don’t have to necessarily get prescription-grade skincare products to achieve your skincare goal. Sure, they are wonderful, because the formulas themselves have been researched and proven to work, are imbued with powerful, efficacious ingredients, and are likely to give you the result in a shorter amount of time.
But don’t discount over-the-counter skincare goods—once the research is out in the open, it’s fair game, and brands are quick to stay on the cutting edge.
While efficacy may be one of your top priorities, sometimes more doesn’t actually mean more. Depending on your skin type, sometimes a less potent formula might be what the doctor ordered. It’s common for professional-grade beauty products to potentially cause irritation when you have a compromised skincare barrier, so it’s best to speak to trusted dermatologists before integrating these into your routine.
It also pays to read up a bit on the active ingredients to ensure that it’s what’s best for your skin type and to be on the lookout for potential signs of irritation. But when in doubt, always ask the consultants both on-site and online.
Ultimately, you’re going to want to go for items that have the luxe factor, particularly when you have to put in the leg work. Calming scents (or none at all if that’s your preference) and pleasing textures play significant roles in this area, so explore these brands in person if possible.
Ideally, find formulas that are fast-absorbing while also leaving your skin supple and soft to the touch. If you’re prone to dry, flaky skin, don’t be afraid to venture into thicker textures as it will help to maintain a level of moisture.
With these few pointers, deciding what goes into your at home spa kit should be a breeze.
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Especially if you’re an urbanite, this mask is going to be your saviour. Working double-time, the Masque VIP O2 detoxifies the skin of cellular waste while imbuing the skin with moisture that will plump the skin right up.
Available at Biologique Recherche centres.
RM 372
The award-winning skincare brand is definitely one that should be included in your self-care shelf. While many acid treatments in the market can be abrasive, the Elemis Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel is a gentle option that eradicates dead skin to reveal refined, dewy complexion after just 15 minutes of use. Formulated with lactobionic, asiatic, and mandelic acids, the treatment is clinically-proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
RM 197
One of the easiest spa-grade beauty brands to get ahold of, Dermalogica’s skincare products are many a facialist’s favourites. The must-have of the line is easily the Dermalogica Precleanse. Although it’s basic, the deep-cleansing oil is effective at totally melting away layers of skin debris, sunscreen, and waterproof makeup without suffocating the skin with a filmy layer of oil once emulsified. For that feat alone, the oil cleanser has to be one of the core items for an at-home spa kit.
RM 460
Beyond its amazing quality, the Aman Essentials range is a sight to behold. With packaging designed by V&A Architect Kengo Kuma, the formula itself encapsulates the essence of luxury that Aman represents—and what says indulgence more than a decadent bath. The Nourishing Coconut Milk Bath sees the combination of two powerful ingredients: coconut milk to help firm and tone the skin, and jasmine-infused moisturising oil to encourage relaxation and elevate the mood.
RM 1400
Sometimes the skin needs help with absorption, and here is where the Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot is going to come in. One of Seoul’s trendiest pieces of tech, this needle-free dermapen uses electric microneedles to create non-damaging microscopic passageways for your skincare to penetrate better into the deeper layers of the skin. Especially perfect for those with a low pain threshold, or even those with a fear of needles, this gives the complexion similar glowing results as microneedling does—while being the more hygienic option.
RM 670
Straight from France, Phytomer takes inspiration from the sea and uses marine ingredients to replenish the skin’s health. The Exfoliating Mask-to-Oil is a unique experience where the mask brings together three key beauty steps in one wonderful texture. In this one bottle, you have your cleansing, resurfacing, and anti-aging steps all in one decadent rose-scented formula. Leave it on for 10 minutes to maximise the hydrating result, then scrub and wash to reveal a refined skin texture.
RM 580
Let’s not forget one of the most delicate areas of the skin: the eye area. Formulated with organic ingredients, this Tata Harper Restorative Eye Crème moisturises and brightens the area to combat signs of aging and fatigue. While it may be best for those struggling with fine lines, those without it can start including this in the skincare routine as a preventative measure. Plus, it’s also refillable, so points for sustainability.
RM 7800
LED skincare tools are everywhere, but the Déesee Pro LED Mask is simply a cut above the rest. Harnessing the power of four different wavelengths, it has six treatment modes to address your specific needs. With red light, blue light, green light, and near infrared light, it has the ability to purify, brighten, calm, and anti-age, with a flash anti-aging feature available as well. Additionally, it comes with a setting for your post-injectable procedure. Consider this the ultimate investment for the future of your complexion and skin health.
RM 257
Suitable for all skin types, the lightweight Activating Water Essence+ hydrates and moisturises the skin with organically grown botanicals like marshmallow root extracts. As a prep step, this silky essence improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture, elevating the efficacy of the following skincare steps.
RM 376
If your skin has been put through the ringer, then it is perhaps time to try the Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil. More than restoring the glow in the complexion, the avocado oil-powered item is suitable for dry and sensitised skin, as the ingredient is rich in antioxidants that protects the skin from oxidative stress, and fatty acids that help to speed up the healing process. Plus, this treatment has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after four weeks of use.
RM 310
Sure, when you think of an at-home spa kit, an overnight treatment may not be what’s on your mind, but the ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy is an intensive nourishing treatment mask that doubles as a flash facial should you be in a pinch. Formulated with chicory root extract, this mask fortifies the skin’s acid mantle while preventing excessive trans-epidermal water loss. It’s also infused with a blend of lavandin and ylang ylang to create a calming atmosphere.
RM 395
Looking for something with prolonged results? Then look no further. The Thalgo Hydrating Melting Cream features the brand’s patented micronised algae filtrate that is rich in essential minerals and nutrients that the skin craves for, and alginates that diffuse a complex of four hydrating molecules that give immediate and long-lasting hydration. Arriving in a refillable jar, the fresh and luxurious cream will be something to look forward to in your self-care routine.
RM 1200
With 30 years of research and innovation, this is the ultimate best thing to add to your skincare shelf. Also comes in a refillable form, the cream is infused with the brand’s exclusive TCF8—a proprietary blend of amino acids, vitamins, and synthesised molecules that supports the body’s reparative processes. For moisturisation, the intense formula and super-rich cream includes botanicals that tackle dryness and inflammation.
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