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Susanna McLeroy’s make offers the soft glow accented by her dress.
The long soft curls adds flow to Heather Gould’s make up and dress.
Cha’e Lynn Wagner wears her hair in a bun to accent the veil.
Education Reporter
Susanna McLeroy’s make offers the soft glow accented by her dress.
The long soft curls adds flow to Heather Gould’s make up and dress.
Cha’e Lynn Wagner wears her hair in a bun to accent the veil.
A wedding is one of the most important and memorable parts of most people’s lives, so naturally, everybody wants to look their best. 
For many brides, that includes their hair and makeup, and professionals in those industries say that good experiences with hairstylists and makeup artists can make a bride more comfortable — not to mention beautiful — on their big day. 
Hunter Lange, of Chatterbox Makeup Co., said the bridal community is one of her main clienteles. Getting someone’s makeup right on their wedding day can often be a busy but exciting experience, she said. 
“It’s chaotic on wedding day, but rightfully so,” Lange said. “It’s always filled with a ton of excitement, and sometimes a few breakdowns, but most of the time just excitement. And I feel like I get to really bond with my brides over the experience.” 
Tiffany Hale, owner of Beehive Hair Salon, reiterated that sense of emotion when a bride sees themselves ready to walk down the aisle. 
“They’re either last to do their makeup or last to do their hair … so by then all the bridesmaids are done and you don’t have to worry about them,” Hale said. “It’s just focusing on the bride only, and that I think they can finally breathe, and then see themselves in the mirror for the first time.” 
Both Hale and Lange talked about the confidence boost that hair and makeup can give to a bride. 
“I would definitely say hair and makeup is definitely one of the biggest parts of your wedding day, because if you don’t feel confident whenever you’re ready to walk down that aisle, as far as the way you look, that’s not what you want on your wedding day,” Lange said. 
In order to get that confidence, it’s important for brides to pick an artist or stylist that fits them and their needs. 
“I think choosing the right person for your style on your wedding day is a huge thing too, because there’s multiple different make up artists you can go with and multiple different hairstylists you can go with, and we all kind of have our own style, and that’s very important when you’re picking your hair and makeup people, because you want it to suit the look that you want to go for,” Lange said. 
Hale agreed with that assessment. 
“Some people just don’t fit together and I think it’s important to find someone that works better with you and your personality, and understands your vision,” she said. 
In order to get that right person, both Lange and Hale emphasized a crucial task for any local brides or brides-to-be: book early. 
“Don’t wait,” Hale said. “I would say it’s the best advice. Don’t wait, as soon as you start booking your venue and all the things, the hair is just as important, to kind of get your hair and makeup nailed down.” 
Lange said that some brides even book two years in advance, but a year is more average. 
“It’s definitely one of the first things you want to book, is hair and makeup,” she said. “Like I said, if you don’t have the look that you’re wanting on your wedding day, you’re not going to feel as confident as you want. So it’s definitely going to play a huge part of your day.”
They also both mentioned that brides should get a trial from their artist or stylist, to make sure that they’re a good fit. 
“I always tell my brides go home, spend a day in it, see how it holds up,” Lange said. “And then after that process, if you’re ready to book we’re going to take that step, and if not, then it’s no hard feelings at the end of the day, it just wasn’t a good fit.” 
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