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26 December 2022
By Stuti Bhattacharya
Credit: Instagram.com/norafatehi
Medium fluffy brush
Meant to blend eyeshadow, this doesn’t pick up much product, so it’s meant for diffusing shadows naturally, not depositing a lot of pigment on the lid.
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Small fluffy brush
Better for precise blending, this is best for those with less eyelid space, as it doesn’t spread eyeshadow to the brow bone or too far beyond the edges.
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Stiff fluffy brush
This deposits and blends shadow in controlled amounts, such as a pop of shimmer in the inner corners, or to get a defined blend that’s not too spread out.
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Angled fluffy brush
Meant for gradient blending, it’s good for the crease. It isn’t as precise as a stiff fluffy brush, but doesn’t spread as much product around as a bendy fluffy brush.
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Stiff angled brush
Good for applying eyeshadow as eyeliner, this can be used to smoke out your liner on the lashlines in a precise way.
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Flat packer brush or shader brush
This helps you paint on cream or shimmer shadows because it’s densely packed and picks up more product.
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Pencil brush
Tapered towards the tip so it has a pointy top, this helps with detail work such as graphic eyeliner and controlled smudging of liners with shadows.
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Small stiff angled brush
This brush is technically for eyebrows or eyeliner, but often comes in eyeshadow brush kits, and can be used for applying shadow as liner.
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Credit: Author’s own


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