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Dec 27, 2022, 12:05 ET
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Custom Health today announces a new program to better serve select members to track and enhance medication adherence with L.A. Care Health Plan, the largest public health plan in the US. The WHO estimates that medication adherence in developed countries, including the US, is in the range of 50%, which falls well below the level required to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatments.
“We are pleased to work with L.A. Care Health Plan to bring our pharmacist-led, personalized health care approach to their members. Custom Health is blazing trails in improving member care and outcomes for health plans, and we are confident that early adopters will see the benefit in improved patient outcomes, as well as optimization of valuable resources,” said Rahul Chopra, CEO, Custom Health.
To ensure medications are doing what they should, Custom Health has developed a system that relays, in real-time, the medication-taking behaviour of individual patients to their pharmacy, flagging issues proactively to intervene or optimize therapy. This program will benefit from the Custom Health ecosystem that includes an in-home drug dispensing device and remote pharmacist-led support for patients.
“L.A. Care is committed to advancing health outcomes for our members by implementing a medication adherence pilot based on real-time data and integrated services for patients who struggle to manage medications for complex, chronic conditions,” said Yana Paulson, L.A. Care’s Chief Pharmacy Officer. “We know pharmacist-led service delivery increases medication adherence, so we’re thrilled to have Custom Health’s know-how to provide personalized care to our members.”
Pharmacists are often an underutilized resource. With Custom Health’s real-time data, they can help capture and identify the possibility of poor health outcomes related to suboptimal medication adherence and identify problems before they escalate. The Custom Health clinical pharmacy team works to analyze data related to a patient’s medication-taking behavior in real-time, ensuring patients stay on track with their meds and that the meds are doing what they should. Optimizing medication is the key to improving patient outcomes and lowering total cost of care.
The objectives of the program are to improve health outcomes and provide better care for L.A. Care members at home.
About Custom Health 
Custom Health helps people who take medication have the best possible health outcomes. We connect patients with their circle of care, help them to take prescription medicines as prescribed with easy-to-use digital health tools, then go beyond adherence to make sure those medications are doing what they should. Our integrated healthcare delivery model includes personalized medication management, always-on clinical oversight, remote patient monitoring, and home-based care. Learn more at
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