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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – By this time next week the holiday season will be wrapped up and a new year will begin.
It’s a time gyms see an increase in memberships as people begin working on their new year’s resolutions.
“We start seeing an increase in business as soon as cool weather hits and people don’t want to be outside anymore,” Val Holmes, co-owner of Valley Fitness said.
Holmes said what brings many of Valley Fitness’s customers in is the variety and fitness activities they offer.
“We have a pool. We have classes. We have classes that are tailored toward seniors. We have classes that are a little more you know aggressive, so there’s something here for everybody,” Holmes said.
Holmes said the hardest part for those just starting in the gym is the intimidation factor.
“It’s kind of like the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady. You’re going to see better results than if you try to come in every day two hours a day for two weeks until you just hate it,” Holmes said.
Holmes said to set short-term goals for yourself to obtain the best results and stay motivated in your resolutions.
”You’ve got to fit it into your lifestyle. If you can take out 45 minutes or an hour, two or three times a week and you can just be consistent with that and you look forward to coming in and working out, you’re doing different stuff … once people start working out, they naturally want to start maybe eating healthier and everything kind of falls in line,” Holmes said.
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