What Are The Benefits Of A Medium-Coverage Foundation? – Glam

When it comes to makeup products, there is none more essential than foundation. Foundations are the base for your makeup and can make or break your glam. However, there are many risks with choosing the wrong type of foundation that goes past just an orange tint on your face. Mario Badescu explains that choosing an improper formula can clog your pores and cause acne breakouts. So, knowing that this product is essential for the best makeup look and skin, it’s important to know which works best for you.
Besides choosing the color, you should know which formula compliments your skin. If you have drier skin, you need to go with a hydrating foundation that will bring in moisturize. Once you’ve chosen the formula and color, the next step is knowing which coverage you want. There are three different types; your options will be between sheer-, medium-, and full-coverage foundations. Each has its pros and cons, making them appealing for specific situations. However, medium coverage is the most popular as it’s the standard. Although sheer- and full-coverage foundations are always good, there are plenty of reasons you need to ensure you have a medium-coverage foundation stocked in your beauty drawer.

There are many reasons why medium is the go-to foundation coverage for many people. Maybelline explains that this is because, out of the three, it gives you the best of both worlds. Medium-coverage foundation evens your skin’s complexion but gives you a natural look. If you are in a pinch, a medium-coverage product can act both like a sheer- or full-coverage foundation. Because it is the most buildable of the three, you can create a customized look; simply add more layers to turn it into a full-coverage foundation or spread it lightly for a sheer layer.
Albolene makeup artist Carl Ray tells Well+Good, “One thin layer may still show your freckles a little bit, but with another, you’ll start to cover them. Sometimes, you can mix in a little bit of moisturizer to sheer medium-coverage foundations out and make the same shade last throughout the year.” This flexibility of the medium-coverage foundation makes it easy to use and the ideal product to use when you travel. So, whether you are headed for a beach day and need a small coverage or a date night and want a full glam look, this foundation type can cover you in both situations.

Since having the correct medium-coverage foundation is essential for the perfect makeup look, ensure you pick the correct one for your skin. Antonym explains that skin type is the first factor to consider when choosing this beauty must-have. For example, if you have oily skin and choose an oil-based foundation, the product will run and clog your pores. However, because medium coverage is universally loved, you will find these foundations come in all formulas, meaning you shouldn’t have a problem finding the best for your skin. With the evolution of makeup, it’s easy to find a medium-coverage foundation for all skin types and in various formulas.
The other factor you want to keep in mind is your skin tone. Not only is the shade important, but you have to ensure you’ve got one that matches your skin tone. Dermatologist Hadley King tells Byrdie, “Any skin color can have cool, warm, or neutral undertones. If none of the colors associated with undertones stand out as obvious, you have neutral undertones.” Nowadays, finding your skin tone is easy, as many beauty stores offer this service. The goal of a foundation is to get as close of a match to the skin as possible, and when getting a medium-coverage product, this purpose is vital to create various looks.


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