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2023 — it seems like we have ways to go until we turn the page to January, but it will be here before you know it.
What we’re looking for: beauty trends. But, not just any beauty trends. We want to know exactly what will hit skincare shelves starting next year, as well as what beauty counters, hair salons and manicure bars will roll out (so we can be prepared in the most on-trend way possible).
Naturally, we turned to the pros to give New York Post Shopping readers the 411. This all-you-can-ask-for guide features forecasts from a professional makeup artist, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, celebrity hairstylist and certified manicurist.
In short, it’s a jam-packed, expert-backed trend report.
Ahead, take a look at our exclusive trend report so you can be well-prepared as soon as January rolls around. We’re ready to put our softest skin, glammed-up makeup, luscious locks and pristine nails forward.
If you didn’t get the memo: brows are huge in any makeup routine (daytime casual or evening-time full glam). For 2023, expect to see this amplified even more.
“Less is more — gone are the days of the pomade brows!” Dresher says. “Brushed up, gel-ed eyebrows are definitely stealing the show.”
To achieve a fresh tinted look, Glossier’s best-selling Boy Brow is worth the hype, while Benefit Cosmetics’ 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel is a hit any day of the week.
“I think for everyday makeup spot concealing paired with a tinted sunscreen (my favorite is from EltaMD) will be the 2023 trend, and then a medium coverage foundation that still looks like skin for going out (my top pick right now is from HausLabs by Lady Gaga),” Natalie Dresher, professional makeup artist who specializes in special event and bridal makeup, told The Post.
This beauty prediction taps into the ‘simpler makeup’ trend of 2022, consisting of foundation sticks and cream products.  “I think that in 2023 we will see cream products come even more forward but less layering and less emphasis on heavy glam on the skin,” Dresher adds.
Say goodbye to dried out, dull concealers. Creamy concealers are going to be one of the most versatile products your makeup bag will see in 2023.
“I think something that isn’t so drying will definitely be the focus point of 2023,” Dresher predicts. “I love the Tarte Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer.”
While you’d expect loose powders to be only found in a professional makeup artist’s toolbox, it’s a lightweight, multi-use product that Dresher anticipates will become even more mainstream in the coming months.
“I think there will be a loose powder craze right now because the powder puff has been brought back,” she notes. “I love the Givency Prisme Libre powder because it has a subtle glow in it, leaving the skin ‘set’ but not ‘dull.’”
She predicts applying loose powder under the eyes and the T zone will “overshadow traditional pressed powders” as well.
As seen with Jenny on “Gossip Girl,” smudged eyeliner will stand the test of time — even more in 2023.
“Grungy eyeshadow looks were present at every single NYFW show I have done this past September,” Dresher adds. “Undone, smudge-y liner with shimmer on top! The Stila Stay All Day Artistix Liner in ‘Tango’ is perfect to get a smudgey look and then a dab of your highlighter on the lid and a warm tone in the crease is *chef’s kiss.*”
Sky-high mascara is all the rage, and it’ll come to full volume — pun totally intended — in 2023.
“Really curled chunky lashes are going to be the go-to,” Dresher predicts. “I absolutely love the Shisheido Eyelash Curler paired with L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara; they will give you the perfect curled chunky lash.”
According to Dresher, “the simpler, the better” is going to be the 2023 bronzer approach we’ll see.
“Really capturing the girl on the go vibe is anticipated,” she adds. “I think products like Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez’s Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer stick in ‘Always Sunny’ and Westman Atelier’s Face Track Contour Stick in ‘Biscuit’ are really going to steal the show in 2023.”
Stick and cream blushes are for the win, 100 percent.
“My favorites are the Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Blush stick in ‘Raspberry’ and the Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush in ‘Nearly Rose,’ Dresher recommends. “For the more adventurous, setting with a powder product will intensify, but I really do think that for 2023, simplicity and bare minimum for face products will be stealing the show.”
During NYFW, according to Dresher, a very “lived-in lip” with no concrete harsh border was the tone.
“Feathered in lip liners mimicking the tone of your natural lips paired with a moisturizing lip balm such as the Laneige Lip Glowy Balm are going to be super popular in 2023.”
“For consumers I think clean beauty is always a plus,” Dresher notes. “That’s why we have seen brands like Kosas explode.”
To help kickstart your ‘new year, new makeup routine,’ check out Credo Beauty (the one-stop-shop for every clean beauty brand known to man) and Sephora’s Clean Beauty shop.
“I think we will continue to see ceramides and niacinamides become increasingly popular,” Dendy Engelman, MD, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, told The Post. “Skin-cycling is another popular trend that took over TikTok,” she notes, of which can be used for these two differing ingredients.
Options from Farmacy and Alpyn Beauty are some of our favorites. For more options, check out the best niacinamide serums we rounded up.
While retinol creams and serums had its moment in 2022, Dr. Engelman believes bakuchiol is going to be an ingredient to look out for.
“Retinol alternatives like bakuchiol have been also trending recently,” she adds. “Bakuchiol is excellent because it provides anti-aging and firming benefits for the skin without many of the unwanted effects of retinol, such as purging, redness, and irritation.”
“This year, we began to move away from focusing on COVID-related concerns such as ‘maskne,’ and many are now looking for simple routines as life gets increasingly busier and information can seem to be oversaturated/overwhelming on social media – aka the wild west,” Dr. Engleman predicts. She expects this to continue in 2023.
“I believe more people will start to shift towards a minimalist skincare routine by including multitasking products that tackle multiple concerns within one formula,” she adds. Some examples include multi-purpose cleansers and toners that can also remove makeup.
“I am constantly getting asked by clients for more layers in the salon,” Olivia Thompson, celebrity hairstylist, told The Post. “I anticipate the trend will be with shaggy layers.”
Soft foaming mousses and thickening sprays are some of the best hair products for helping to maintain the long-layered style, with some top options coming from Bumble and bumble and Living Proof.
“Copper is all over the internet right now and is extremely requested in the salon,” Thompson notes. “The ‘Bronde’ color is also highly requested and I believe will continue to be a trend.”
For two Amazon best-sellers, options from L’Oreal Paris and Keracolor continue to dominate sales — and are ones we recommend as far as hair dyes go.
“I think the wet hair trend is always a great option when it comes to special event styling,” Thompson says. “I don’t think this is something for everyday wear, but perfect to use on special occasions.”
When she thinks of this ‘wet look,’ Megan Fox comes to mind. Joico’s K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock Glossing Oil is picture-perfect for this look, along with adwoa beauty’s Blue Tansy Treatment is great for coarser textures.
While the middle part found its peak during quarantine (and for months after), Thompson believes the middle part is going to make a comeback.
 “I love a side part because of the volume it gives you,” she notes. “The middle part can also be very harsh, the side part photographs very well.”
To help achieve this look, pick up a fine-tooth comb and Moroccanoil’s Hydrating Style Cream to tame your locks to perfection.
“I don’t think these three-barrel wavers are going anywhere,” Thompson predicts. “I anticipate stylists and clients will still be creating mermaid waves.”
What’s more, this style lasts for days on end and will have you looking like a Red Carpet bombshell in a matter of minutes.
We’re all about the nails (especially polishes from essie) and there are going to be specific hues expected to shine in 2023.
“Earthy hues like olive greens and rich terra-cotta colors have been very popular lately, especially with fall,” Hannah Lee, licensed and on-set manicurist, told The Post . “I feel like we will see this continue through 2023.”
Perfect for the minimalist, milky whites are going to add a match-all look and rich texture in 2023. Lee considers this another trend, along with olive and terracotta tones.
For infinite shine and extreme wear, there are no better options that OPI’s Infinite Shine2 and Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear.
If there’s anything we learned how to do during more time at home, it was our manicures. Specifically, using press-on nails.
“I’m seeing press-ons everywhere, and more and more people turning to them!” Lee notes. “I think since they are so easy to apply, and you’re able to do them at home is why they are gaining more popularity.”
Fun, patterned options from Chillhouse are some of our favorites, along with Glamnetic’s top-rated White Short Almond Press-On Nails — the latter perfect to harbor that milky white trend anticipated for 2023.
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