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If there’s one eternal struggle when it comes to summer makeup, it’s creating a long-lasting, buildup-free yet dewy foundation look that won’t clog your pores (or look like it’s clogging your pores in cakey sections) at the same time. As the weather gets warmer, rocking a healthy glow (and not in an oily way) can feel impossible after layering on various products, so we checked in with professional makeup artist Mary Winkenwerder to learn more about one genius beauty hack that is gaining increasing popularity on TikTok. Dubbed ‘one-layer’ makeup, this trend refers to exactly what it sounds like— applying several different products at once— in the efforts to keep a shine-free complexion while ultimately saving you time in your A.M. routine.

While the words ‘one-layer makeup‘ have garnered millions of views when searched on TikTok as of late, the trend initially dates back to February 2022, when beauty influencer Chloe Morello was the first to attempt applying all of her cream products (concealer, blush, foundation, etc) all at once.
In a dot formation, she can be seen in her earliest vids adding each product and locking them in with a setting spray just before blending (and not after like you may usually do!) This technique aims to work together with the typically final misty tool to promote a glowy, healthy and dewy look while still providing ample coverage for imperfections.
“The onelayer trend allows for the even distribution of different types of color makeup textures on specific areas of the face based on need,” Winkenwerder explains. “So, if you own a certain type of makeup, like a pan or cream to powder finish or lighter texture makeup, you can wear them all to achieve a desired look without creating a look with many layers of makeup,” she adds. Producing a professional grade makeup finish is “simple and time-efficient” with onelayer,” Winkenwerder stresses.

When it comes to the one-layer technique’s allure, Winkenwerder says its popularity is amassing online for a reason— it can really work! This lightweight, glamorous appeal uses “multiple brushes to create desired makeup statements,” she says, so it’s imperative to “clean your brushes after each use to ensure perfect application each time.” As for other benefits from applying your makeup in a one-layer way, Winkenwerder says that “using one blending brush per applied makeup area creates a pure color enhancement statement.”
Once you develop your routine, she notes that this is “time-efficient if you’re schedule-driven.” Onelayer makeup, she says, is also a “cost effective way to apply makeup” and “great way for cosmetic novices to learn how to apply makeup.” Lastly, Winkenwerder concludes, the “onelayer practice produces beautiful finishes,” so we think it’s def worth a try this summer!
Author: Marissa Matozzo
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