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Scroll down to read effective tips shared by Twinkle Khanna for a healthy and young body.
THE FORMER actress and author Twinkle Khanna revealed her secrets to stay fit and look young in and after 40s. In a recent video on the Tweak India Youtube channel, the actress shared her mantras for healthy, glowing and young skin. The author shared in total seven golden secrets that one can practice in their daily lives to stay healthy, fit an young.
1. Connect With Nature
She shared that since childhood she had three major goals including children, a dog and a garden. After getting indulged with kids and pet dogs, twinkle retreats herself by connecting with nature. According to her, this activity instantly enhances her mood, improves concentration and helps in distressing. Many studies suggest that people who spend a good time connecting with nature are amongst the happiest people.

2. Eat Small Meals For Dinner
According to the actress, it is beneficial to consume small meals at night in dinner. The immediate benefits of this strategy are that the body spends less time and energy burning down food and then one can go off to bed. She revealed that after hr dinner she gets to her bed by 10 pm regularly. In the video, she said that she learnt this effective strategy from Waheeda Rehman Ji.

3. Keep Learning New Things
“It’s never too late to start learning a new skill.” The actress revealed that she doesn’t even know how to sing but to make her kids learn new things and strengthen her skills, she started learning and playing the guitar. Learning new things every day helps in increasing adaptability, flexibility and motivation.
4. Breathing Exercises
Morning breathing exercises are proven to be a great way to increase awareness of unhealthy chest breathing and relives stress while uplifting your mood.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Silly
“Nothing in life is scared except laughter”, said Twinkle in the video. “Sing funny songs or tell a bad joke that makes you roll your eyes and tear you up with laughter.”
6. Wear Sunscreen
We all are aware of the magical benefits of applying sunscreen on the skin. Twinkle revealed that when her kids were born she suffered through pigmentation in the form of melasma. She focused on the skin benefits of sunscreen to protect yourself from scorching heat and sun rays. She added that for extra protection one can also use a dupatta or a hat.
7. Make Books Your Best Friends
One of the anti ageing weapons of the writer that can help an individual feel healthy and forever young is books. She concluded by saying that laughter is one of the best anti ageing serums to stay fit, young and healthy.
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