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If you woke up today and your first thought was Christmas is next weekend and you don’t know where to start or all of the hot items this year are already sold out, BLACK ENTERPRISE has your back with some cheap Christmas and holiday gift ideas that’ll keep you from looking like a grinch.
Revel Spirits
Liquor is always a gift that you can grab quickly and at a low price. Revel Spirits, owned and operated by Micah McFarlane, is an innovative agave spirit made naturally in Morelos, Mexico. Revel comes in three expressions, Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo. All three can be purchased online and found in liquor stores across the United States.
The website also features several cocktails you can make to sharpen your bartending skills and keep the holiday party going late.
Marlowe Skincare
Marlowe, the men’s high-quality skincare brand sports a range of products under $30 including its best-sellers kitexfoliating face & body set and 3-pack soap bars that will keep the man in your life feeling smooth and looking good.
The men’s skincare brand also sells body, face, and shaving products that will make a man look and smell his best whether it’s at a holiday party or just sitting at home by the fire watching a yule log. Many of Marlowe’s products are available on Amazon and Walmart and are a great last-minute gift for skincare fanatics or those looking to switch up and have a skin and body care regimen for the new year.
Aarin & Co.
Aarin & Co. has a bevy of quality headwear for babies that are both stylish and protective to ensure good hair health.
The brand’s products include affordable beanies, headbands, turbans, scrunchies, and bundle packages made of Charmeuse Satin which absorbs moisture from hair and skin, is silky smooth, repels moisture, and promotes maintenance of healthy hair that will keep a baby’s head warm while feeling comfortable on their heads.
Aarin & Co. was created by a Black woman who couldn’t find headwear for babies that were both stylish and protective so she created them herself and named the company after her daughter.
Lyrically Correct games
Lyrically Correct has five music games that are sure to turn the holiday party you show up at into a mix of good music and lively debates that none of the guests will forget. The game can be played one-on-one or with teams and is guaranteed to turn your humble holiday into a turn-up.
The games include 1990s and 2000s Hip-Hop and R&B, gospel, a 1980s mixtape and golden oldies from the 1960 and 1970s. Not only are these games a great gift idea for the person who loves to host, but it’s a gift that they’ll use again and again with family and friends.
BLK & Bold Coffee & Tea
Lifelong friends Pernell & Rod founded BLK & Bold Coffee to bring together coffee and tea lovers who also want to help their community, specifically the youth. 5% of all BLK & Bold proceeds nonprofit organizations across the U.S. that benefit children and give them the confidence, exposure, and guidance for them to be the best version of themselves.
BLK & Bold has a number of coffees and teas that will have the morning drink lover you know energized and  ready to attack the morning including its dark roast and its cold brew sweetened coffee. BLK & Bold also has merchandise including coffee mugs, t-shirts and even face masks.
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