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Updated on: 19 December,2022 12:33 PM IST &nbsp|&nbsp Mumbai
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In today’s fast-paced society, it can be challenging to maintain time-consuming skincare regimens with a long list of products that only offer momentary benefits and harm the skin over time. A minimalistic approach to skincare is rarely acknowledged as being sufficient, but research reveals that it is all our skin needs. This routine should only include a few simple but effective products loaded with nutrients that are appropriate for the individual’s skin type. It even saves money and time, allowing everyone to use them without any hassle. However, finding one such brand that is affordable, simplistic, and offers products that address any skin condition or type, on the other hand, becomes pretty challenging. One such company offering remedies for all our skin problems and meeting all our skincare needs is 3AM India, a true 3AM buddy for your skin.
What is 3AM India?
3AM, a vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand, was established on October 15, 2021. Samhitha G Inturi, the company’s founder, is a second-generation economics and entrepreneurship graduate. She had always wished to streamline those laborious skincare practices. “We feel skin care is a vital part of everyone’s daily lives,” she says. That inspired her to create her brand – 3AM, which treats all of your skincare issues as methodically as your 3am friend. To be your skin’s best friend, 3AM offers science-based treatments manufactured from completely natural, well-researched substances. As a result, the brand combines nature and science to produce the best outcomes. It enables the brand to work on every skin type and take you on a journey of self-discovery and advancement.
3AM and its minimalistic approach towards skincare
When you faced difficulty managing those extensive skin care regimens and spending on numerous products, 3AM, your skin’s true friend, was working hard to find the best solution for your skin. The company adheres to a simple, effective, and minimal skincare philosophy that uses the right products to satisfy your needs without adding unnecessary complexity. The company ensures that the goods continue to be accessible and inexpensive for everyone. 
Every product at 3AM, is carefully chosen to fulfil many purposes as they move toward a minimalistic skincare philosophy. One of these products is Speed dial face mist, a hydrating face spray that leaves the ideal amount of hydration and nourishes your skin. However, it also functions as a toner, a makeup setting spray, and an after-shave mist, thanks to its multifunctional nature. Additionally, after thorough research, some natural components are meticulously blended into the speed dial face mist, making it work like a magical enchantment. 3AM has a long list of multi-functional products that are all set to make your skincare as minimalistic and effective as possible.
Science has advanced significantly, offering ways to reduce our efforts across the board today. Skincare is no exception. Samhita G Inturi provides an easy routine through her brand 3AM for you to recognise, learn and understand as a result of problem-solving techniques and science-based products. Shake hands with your best friend at 3AM.

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